Growing Cannabis Tourism In An Ongoing Drug War

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For anyone who is interested in cannabis tourism and looking to find cannabis-friendly hotels that allow you to medicate in peace, there are a growing number of venues becoming available in the market today.

You can find a variety of hotels in regions like Colorado, California, Washington, and other areas, that welcome cannabis users.

Some welcome users to consume on the premises, others welcome guests with cannabis-themed packages featuring items from local vendors etc. Still, there is a great need to be met though, with many cannabis users finding it difficult to locate venues in many areas that are open to allowing them the freedom to consume.

Although cannabis is still illegal in Jamaica, the island has always been considered a top cannabis-friendly destination.

It still continues to press forward on that agenda today, looking to re-establish itself at the forefront of cannabis tourism in the coming years. The state is well aware of how cannabis might contribute to a significant boost in tourism and right now individuals are able to access cannabis in the region for medicinal purposes. Possession of up to 2 ounces of cannabis had been decriminalized back in 2015. What they long opposed, and still do in many ways, now they can't help but try to cash in on.

But their cannabis market might look quite different from the others.

“We want something that is authentically Jamaica,... We don’t want it to be foreign. We don’t want it to become some franchise like McDonald’s. That’s not where we’ re going. We’re not going to be like Colorado.” D. Seiveright, director of the Cannabis Licensing Authority of Jamaica

Although they might have decriminalized a certain amount and seem to be welcoming a growing cannabis market, they are still prohibiting the natural rights of Jamaicans to grow, exchange, and use cannabis. As the CLA has pointed out, there are many people on the island who continue to grow illegally and the police will still seek to go after them, arrest them, and lock them up.

This might come as a surprise to those who have found that gaining medicinal cannabis access in Jamaica has been rather easy, and that there are a variety of hotels in the region who promote themselves as bring 420-friendly venues. There are also several dispensaries that help tourists to access medicine while on vacation.

They might be recognizing the economic potential of cannabis but lawmakers are still comfortable with severely limiting the freedom and natural rights of people in the country by restricting their right to sell, grow, and use, cannabis.

They have opened up the door for licenses and research etc, allowing cannabis activities for scientific, therapeutic, and medicinal purposes to take place, but the rules are still very strict.

Some officials have suggested that it is time for Jamaica to fully legalize cannabis and they aren't the only ones, but there aren't any solid plans to see that happen anytime soon. Still, cannabis tourism seems to be growing rapidly there, as it is in other regions, regardless of the standing restrictions that clutter the market.


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