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RE: Predator in the Dancehall - Throw Back JAHMZ

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Hello @dmilliz, actually at that time I didn't listen to almost dancehall, I was a teenager, and I think that because of the same reality of my country and the place where I was born and grew up, the music I listened to was more salsa, merengue, rap, and reggue, but few times, at that time I listened to dancehall, or possibly yes, but I didn't recognize it at that time.

But, the costumes they use in those videos do remind me that there were many friends who somehow wanted to imitate these artists, something that still happens today.

It is interesting to see how, despite the geographical proximity of our countries of origin, they can have very different contexts.

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Salsa and Merengue is good, they put you in happy state. I would be interesting to see these genres mixed with Dancheall and Reggae more, as I am sure there must be some doing it.

Yes, the variation in culture can be amazing, but hat is what makes the world spicy. Hmm, time to check out some salsa and Merenge.

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