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One of my favorite movies of all time was "The Predator" staring Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think it was the first time we got to see a non stereotypical alien. But this post is not about an alien in the literal sense but about a dancehall artiste that goes by the name of Predator.

Recently I've been listening to his songs as I saw an interview with him talking about his come up. Predator had his trending season in the early 2000s with his catch phrase "MAD" and NAh Nuh Head, which he created a slew of hits around. The word MAD as a slang is now a staple in the Dancehall culture with even British saying MAD TING



So after taking in half of the interview I jumped on Spotify and found a few of his songs. Trust me, these songs are still bangers up to today. The one below called Mad Mi is on a riddim created by Don Corleon who was The man for Danchall riddims at the time. The riddim just really has a bounce and playful but serious vibe. It is hard to explain but the HIP HOP riddims had nothing on Dancehall riddims from this era. Listen to the track below.



Predator- Mad Mi- 2003 Trifecta Riddim

Born 14.September,1971,Predator, AKA Mark Anthony Henry is Jamaican Dancehall Artist. He entered the music business professionally in 1993 where he got the name Predator from a good friend Mad Cobra. Bounty Killer was his mentor and helped in shaping his carrier. Predator was also one of the first members of the Bounty Killer formed Alliance crew which consisted of the hottest young and upcoming artiste at the time.


Predator ft Kiprich- Head Nuh Good- Gallop Riddim 2002

Hearing the background behind this track featuring Kiprich brought a lot to light that was obvious but still not clear. It was said that Elephant man started to dabble in the Madness and began using the slang "Madd" and talking about "nah nuh head". He even made a song called " Don't have nuh head". He also released a song called Head Gone which brought him great success. Elephant man has always been known for dabbling in other people's melodies and styles but usually it was from international artistes. ELE started using the phrase "Mad, Sick, Head nuh Good" basically following on the same Mad wagon. Predator and Kiprich turned the phrase into a hit song. Believe me when I say this song was the BIG TUNE in the Dancehall at the time.


Predator-Nah Nuh Head-Good to Go Riddim 2003

It was interesting watching the interview Predator did on Teach Dem's YouTube channel as the artiste gave insight into the making of a lot of his hits as well as how Bounty Killer and the Alliance was formed. For "Nah Nuh Head", Predator said Don Corleon called him to voice a song but he had nothing planned. When he went to the studio he went into the booth and started Dee Jaying "

From Grandspen to Jungle (Nah No Head)
From Spanglers to Garden (Nah No Head)
From Town to Spanishtown (Nah No Head)
To see di whole a Jamaica (Nah No Head)
Tax di chi chi bus driver (Nah no head)
Di Taliban suicider (Nah no head)
From Southside to Warica (Nah No Head)
To see di whole universe (Nah No head)

And then he got out the booth and started apologizing to Don saying, " Me soon find a tune for the riddim. But Don said, " Wah you a talk bout, that is the tune, just find some verse". Then Don made bling dawg, Bounty Killer, Baby and others go in the booth and say "Nah Nuh Head" to layer the chorus. Predator then came up with the killer punch line from his real life experience of lighting a spliff near a gas station and being asked to out it.

Nah no head, go pon di gal span fi go light a big head
Di owner seh yuh mad yuh waan everybody dead
Mi seh mi nuh bizniz cau mi nah no head.

The interesting thing about Predator’s lyrics, while they were full of hype, had bars of conscious reality as well.

Everywey mi go a just bare blood a shed
grandma, grandpa, baby a dead
It obvious, di shotta dem nah no head

And also mixed in with humor.

People come inna my house and laugh till dem dead
Bed foot bed side mi nuh have nuh bed head

Predator painting Photo source


Which Dancehall artiste/song from back in the days came back into your sphere recently? Post a link below or make an entire post if you'd like.😉

I love reggae and Caribbean Culture.



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Hello @dmilliz, actually at that time I didn't listen to almost dancehall, I was a teenager, and I think that because of the same reality of my country and the place where I was born and grew up, the music I listened to was more salsa, merengue, rap, and reggue, but few times, at that time I listened to dancehall, or possibly yes, but I didn't recognize it at that time.

But, the costumes they use in those videos do remind me that there were many friends who somehow wanted to imitate these artists, something that still happens today.

It is interesting to see how, despite the geographical proximity of our countries of origin, they can have very different contexts.

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Salsa and Merengue is good, they put you in happy state. I would be interesting to see these genres mixed with Dancheall and Reggae more, as I am sure there must be some doing it.

Yes, the variation in culture can be amazing, but hat is what makes the world spicy. Hmm, time to check out some salsa and Merenge.

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Cool post, Bredda😉
Nuff of dem Greensleeves Riddim samplers mi have on Vinyl, that
was my DJ Time...90ies were the best times for original dancehall and
hiphop! Word. 1998 South German DJ Champ😎: DJ Luvsick
That was my name until i changed it in 2009 when i got more conscious,
and realized that you gotta use your words more conscious as a Co-Creator
of the Universe. So i didn't wanna have "sick" in my name, even though,
"sick", "mad"etc. are being used to compliment your work/skills...
Talking about this i also wanna let people and especially songwriters know,
that "no", "not" and "never" also creates the opposite of what you want, so
use less denial in expressing/identifying yourself or when you write lyrics.
Even Bob Marley did this mistake:
"Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights" Creation.
"...don't give up the fight"...creates "give up the fight" because
"not" does not exist in creation, even though Bob Marleys intention
is to say "keep on fighting" 😉

Hello @luca1777
Interesting commentary. I think that many of us are not aware of what you are proposing.
If we want to talk about something good, to create, we cannot or should not raise it from denial. You are very right, this is really a very intelligent comment on your part.
It's hard to believe that this change of artistic name in your case could have so much depth behind it.
Thank you for sharing these thoughts

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Ya sabes, Jose! Many people express themselves in denial, because it's easier to watch something/someone and say "no" to this & that, instead of creating their own ideas!
Thanks for overstanding 😉

Yeah man these were fun times in the music. Those riddims even sound good today. Lovesick hehehe, so now yu basically luck Luca.

Yeah the law of attraction hd me thinking a lot of the kinds of songs I created and that is why I have very few, I used to write songs hard like Kartel but then one day of listening and is like you think in the future and say " mi nah guh wah here this"

More and more artiste getting conscious but there will always be that ying yang balance. I agree with the "no, not never". Though I can imagine it is hard to avoid. i also believe is the feeling of what is being said that manifest the creations so like a Bob song, the feeling behind it can still manifest the intention.

A true, Bredda, sometimes the denial version of expression "transports" the intention better.It's simple, if you wanna use denial, end the verse/sentence with a yes creation. In Bobs example he should have switched it around:
"Don't give up the fight, stand up for your right.."
Because the last words always stick in the brain 😉

Yes, i'm Lucky Luca now...more or less 😜

Star, how do i get the 3Speak badge? And where is the Reggaejahm badge?😉

It supposed to show up automatically but on further research, the badge account has to follow you. Eventually I will do a badge for reggaejahm. Was waiting till the process was more automated as I don't think it is important now, but if you wann pree how its done

Ok cool, thanks for di info.
Too much on my mind right now to do any extra 😜

Yup, that is how I feel, hahaha.

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