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RE: Predator in the Dancehall - Throw Back JAHMZ

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Cool post, Bredda😉
Nuff of dem Greensleeves Riddim samplers mi have on Vinyl, that
was my DJ Time...90ies were the best times for original dancehall and
hiphop! Word. 1998 South German DJ Champ😎: DJ Luvsick
That was my name until i changed it in 2009 when i got more conscious,
and realized that you gotta use your words more conscious as a Co-Creator
of the Universe. So i didn't wanna have "sick" in my name, even though,
"sick", "mad"etc. are being used to compliment your work/skills...
Talking about this i also wanna let people and especially songwriters know,
that "no", "not" and "never" also creates the opposite of what you want, so
use less denial in expressing/identifying yourself or when you write lyrics.
Even Bob Marley did this mistake:
"Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights" Creation.
"...don't give up the fight"...creates "give up the fight" because
"not" does not exist in creation, even though Bob Marleys intention
is to say "keep on fighting" 😉


Hello @luca1777
Interesting commentary. I think that many of us are not aware of what you are proposing.
If we want to talk about something good, to create, we cannot or should not raise it from denial. You are very right, this is really a very intelligent comment on your part.
It's hard to believe that this change of artistic name in your case could have so much depth behind it.
Thank you for sharing these thoughts

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Ya sabes, Jose! Many people express themselves in denial, because it's easier to watch something/someone and say "no" to this & that, instead of creating their own ideas!
Thanks for overstanding 😉

Yeah man these were fun times in the music. Those riddims even sound good today. Lovesick hehehe, so now yu basically luck Luca.

Yeah the law of attraction hd me thinking a lot of the kinds of songs I created and that is why I have very few, I used to write songs hard like Kartel but then one day of listening and is like you think in the future and say " mi nah guh wah here this"

More and more artiste getting conscious but there will always be that ying yang balance. I agree with the "no, not never". Though I can imagine it is hard to avoid. i also believe is the feeling of what is being said that manifest the creations so like a Bob song, the feeling behind it can still manifest the intention.

A true, Bredda, sometimes the denial version of expression "transports" the intention better.It's simple, if you wanna use denial, end the verse/sentence with a yes creation. In Bobs example he should have switched it around:
"Don't give up the fight, stand up for your right.."
Because the last words always stick in the brain 😉

Yes, i'm Lucky Luca now...more or less 😜

Star, how do i get the 3Speak badge? And where is the Reggaejahm badge?😉

It supposed to show up automatically but on further research, the badge account has to follow you. Eventually I will do a badge for reggaejahm. Was waiting till the process was more automated as I don't think it is important now, but if you wann pree how its done

Ok cool, thanks for di info.
Too much on my mind right now to do any extra 😜

Yup, that is how I feel, hahaha.

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