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Something is happening in the Steemit system, new winds of change are being felt, everyone is watching the movements that are happening, the ice is breaking up allowing species to re-emerge, dolphins, penguins, the fastest to surface to see what is happening.

A new force is coming from the outside, defenders of the Steemit world are coming to support all who make life on this platform and regain control and power of the whales.

A new movement is taking place, communities of different races uniting to unify their power and counter the negative effects of the ill-intentioned actions of the enemies of the Steemit water world. We will soon know the consequences of these rebellions.

Algo está sucediendo en el sistema Steemit, nuevos vientos de cambios se están sintiendo, todos están a la expectatva de los movimientos que están ocurriendo, el hielo se está rompiendo permitiendo que las especies vuelvan a surgir, delfines, pinguinos, los más rápidos en salir a la superficie para ver lo que sucede.

Una nueva fuerza está llegando desde el exterior, defensores del mundo Steemit están llegando para darle apoyo a todos los que hacen vida en esta plataforma y así recuperar el control y poder de las ballenas.

Un nuevo movimiento se está llevando, comunidades de distintas razas se unen para unificar su poderío y contrarrestar los efectos negativos de las mal intencionadas acciones de los enemigos del mundo acuático Steemit. Pronto sabremos las consecuencias de estas rebeliones.

Photographic references are a practical way to create stories. This time I leave a short fictional story based on an image of the author's friend @xpilar that caught my attention. I hope you liked it

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This is nice
I'll keep on anticipating for the better days of steem and SBD

Thank you for your comment and support beautiful friend.


creativity never die. @xpilar create an art work and the reader can interpret on our own thought, @adeljose

That's right, creativity will keep this platform alive.

Hi @adeljose

thanks for the incredibly nice description


It's true, I deserve your vote 100%... ha ha ha it's a lie, your constant support is enough for me, grateful I am for you friend @xpilar

Hi @adeljose, while your writing is beautiful and you have a great style, I fail to find the connection between penguins and Jamaica. The JAHM tag is intended for Caribbean culture, tourism and Reggae Music. Thank you

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I took it into consideration because the plot is about the Steemit world and all its communities. The alliance will improve this platform. Quiet, no problem for the negative vote.