The Steem News @ 19 October 2019

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Steem2020 contest prize pool increased to 1500 STEEM.

Travelfeed announces SteemFest contest winner, @waybeyondpadthai hosts SteemFest Boba Tea Party, and SteemLeo launches DEX.

And there is news and discussion about NextColony, ReggaeSteem, the Steem Proposal System, Battlegames, SEO tips for Steemians, and anonymous voting...

1. Steem2020 contest with 1500 STEEM prize pool

The prize pool on @pennsif's recently launched Steem2020 contest has now been increased to 1500 STEEM thanks to the generosity of @theycallmedan, @yabapmatt of Splinterlands and @starkerz of

To enter you have to post your ideas and plans for what will make Steem grow and prosper in 2020...

STOP PRESS... top witness and eSteem founder @good-karma has now added 2300 ESTM tokens to the prize pool.

2. Travelfeed updates & SteemFest contest winner

@travelfeed have made a number of recent upgrades to their app including new destination tiles, a new comment editor and the ability to explore nearby posts on the map.

They have also announced the winner of their SteemFest contest run with @blocktrades - @joythewanderer takes the prize of a ticket and accommondation for next month's big event in Bangkok.

The recording of the live draw was posted on 3Speak by

3. SteemFest Warmup Boba Partea

For anyone going to SteemFest in Bangkok @waybeyondpadthai is hosting a pre-fest warmup Boba Party on 5 November.

This event is at @waybeyondpadthai's new environmentally conscious boba (bubble tea) tea shop - Thirstea. Payment will be in STEEM...

4. SteemLeo launches DEX

Investment tribe @SteemLeo has launched its own decentralised exchange - the SteemLeo DEX...

On the back of the recent developments at SteemLeo @taskmaster4450 asks the question "Which will come first - $0.50 STEEM or LEO at 0.50 STEEM ?"...

5. Planet market for NextColony is a new third party Planet Market for the @NextColony Steem space game...

6. ReggaeSteem content creators wanted

The @ReggaeSteem tribe is looking for more creators to write posts on topics relating to reggae, dancehall music, Jamaica and its culture...

7. Steem Proposal System update

After a brief period when @gtg's Return Proposal was voted to the top of the SPS proposal ranking, the proposals of @inertia, @howo and @steemchiller have now been voted back above it and are receiving payments again from the current daily funding pot of over 1060 SBD.

@inertia has posted another update on the work he is currently being funded for...

While @howo has submitted a second proposal for funding to carry out testing on the new SMT hardfork currently on Testnet. This proposal for 180 SBD per day would follow 3 days after his current Downvote Control Tool funding ends...

8. Battlegames targeting SteemPeak listing

The Battlegames tribe is looking to raise 1000 ENG/STEEM to get listed on SteemPeak...

@agr8buzz of @battlegames will be a guest on Monday's edition of on MSP Waves, along with @jongolson of CTP...

9. SEO tips for Steemians

@gadrian has posted some very useful tips on how to improve the search engine performance of posts on the steem blockchain...

10. Should voting on Steem be anonymous?

Witness and long time Steemian @kevinwong has put forward a suggestion that voting on Steem should be anonymous...

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Steem price US$ 0.141 19 Oct '19 21.00pm UTC
SBD price US$ 0.712 19 Oct '19 21.00pm UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #78 (n/c) 19 Oct '19 21.00pm UTC
FCAS Score 805 (+2) / A / #19 19 Oct '19 21.00pm UTC
No. of Whales 39 (n/c) 15 Oct '19
No. of Orcas 357 (n/c) 15 Oct '19
No. of Dolphins 2173 (+1) 15 Oct '19
No. of Minnows 9234 (-4) 15 Oct '19
Alexa rank ( #10,150 (-321) 19 Oct '19 21.00pm UTC
Unique visitors ( 123,352 / day 19 Oct '19 21.00pm UTC
Page views ( 320,714 / day 19 Oct '19 21.00pm UTC
Alexa rank ( #57,159 (+175) 19 Oct '19 21.00pm UTC
Unique visitors ( 16,967 / day 19 Oct '19 21.00pm UTC
Page views ( 95,016 / day 19 Oct '19 21.00pm UTC

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Wow, Thanks for featuring the Reggaesteem post that we are seeking quality relevant content producers! It could potentially pay well :D

I'll check out the planet market too, getting bullied there and want to make out as best I can.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

I hope you get more people join in. ReggaeSteem is doing great work.

good information well involved and clear sure I would love to participate ..

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

There's always plenty going on. I've seen a few people come back to Steem after a long time away. They will see a few changes.

Hopefully if we can build our profile in the wider world and on social media, former steemians will remember and give it another try.

 3 years ago Reveal Comment

The one thing that will make steem grow is if quality/good posts get seen and receive a fair payout

That is very true. But you have to also build an audience for content produced, or adapt the content for the audience that is already there.

Understand nothing. But it seems interesting

😀 - thank you

 3 years ago Reveal Comment