Hive Open mic Community. Week #215. A covered song by @glowie.

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Hello everyone. Am @glowie. I did a cover of "GOD FAVOURED ME" by Hezekiah Walker in regards to this week's entry.
Am so in love with the wording of the song. It actually portrays the exact meaning of this week's theme.

Waves can be viewed from different angles of its meaning. Among all this, it can be setbacks, discouragement, confusion and many more. It's normal that as humans living in this world, we're likely facing most of this stuff.

It can be just anything but in line with The song I covered for this week, I say to you that as long as you have God by your side, he'll always show up for you no matter what. He always favours us no matter what we may be facing from people and life generally. He will always favour us.


love is patient(Is patient, caring, love) love is kind(Is kind, love) love is felt most(Is felt most when it's) when it's genuine (genuine)I had a whole lot of people in my life(But I've had my share of love)Who abused my love (abuse)(Mani-) they manipulated it (-pulated and its strength)And took the strength of it (misused) and tried to misuse it

but I can't help(You glory) but to give God glory today(When I think) when I think about all I've been through(About my story) that I still came out on the winning side
I don't know about you, but I know(You favored me) that He favored me(Because) because my enemies(My enemies) mmm (did try) they did try(But couldn't triumph) sing it, y'all(Over me) but they couldn't triumph over me(Yes, they did try) 'cause greater is He that is in me(But couldn't triumph) than he that's in the world (over me)

that's what they did(Conspired) that's what they did(They told their lies) they told a whole lot of lies(God favored me) but God favored me(My character) my character(My integrity) my integrity(My faith in God, He favors me) but then, would not fall
would not bend(Will not bend) won't compromise(Won't compromise) God favored me(God favors me) I spoke life(I speak life) and prosperity(And prosperity) I even spoke health(And I speak health, God favors me) He favors me.

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Nice presentation sis you did a great job singing this cover i love it and thank you so much for sharing this beautiful Christian song with us.

Nice rendition dear friend, I enjoyed watching you sing. I went into the realm of the spirit while listening to your voice. Weldon

Beautiful entry. Keep it up