Hive Open Mic 181 - "Shivers By Ed Sheeran" Cover

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Hello Hive Open Mic community and my fellow music singers!
It's another week with a beautiful theme and I'm happy to be here once again to share my song choice for the selected theme by our spotlight artist @ljtorres2

The theme for this week seemed like an easy one for me until I actually sat to think up a song for it... Are you surprised by the title of the song I've chose? Well, it is a perfect one for the theme if you listen closely to the lyrics.

Image designed here

I'm choosing to share the cover of the song titled "Shivers" by "Ed Sheeran", for the theme of the week "Fire of Love". The song has been on my playlist for a while now, I love it because of the beat and it helps me enjoy doing offline work when I play it.

But for the theme, I'm made to remember what I heard when I listened closely to the song... A song about what love does and I mean, what it does in the romantic or seductive way. The song writer expresses some hot words in the lyrics that display the phrase "Fire of love" more. I chose this song for what it says in it's title and the lyrics.

So do listen, enjoy the cover and let me know what you think about it's connection to the theme. I hope to see you all next week again in the next theme. I appreciate the support as always 💯

Song Lyrics

I took an arrow to the heart
I never kissed a mouth that tastes like yours
Strawberries and then something more
Ooh yeah, I want it all

Lipstick on my guitar
Fill up the engine, we can drive real far
Go dancing underneath the stars
Ooh yeah, I want it all

Mmm, you got me feeling like

I wanna be that girl
I wanna kiss your eyes
I wanna drink that smile
I wanna feel like I
Like my soul's on fire
I wanna stay up all day and all night
Yeah, you got me singing like

Song Lyrics

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Damn! You killed it girl! I loved this song the first I heard it and as I am scrolling down here and saw shivers I said I gat see how she did and it was boom! Your are simply good dear! I enjoyed listening!

Haha see me blushing and smiling happily to your comment 🤗
Thanks for enjoying my cover of the song, it's a beautiful song.

This sounds great! Also, this Ed Sheeran song is brutal. I liked listening to you. Greetings. 🙋🏽‍♂️

Thanks, glad you like it.

Keep giving me shivers.. You are the only one allowed to do that.. 😂.. Powerful presentation. Keep it up

Lol funny!
Glad you find it powerful, thanks

I fell in love with the flirtatious rhythm of this song, I couldn't stop dancing while listening to you, it's the first time I listen to this song and I really love it. you sang great.

Haha you couldn't stop dancing? That's awesome to know 😊

OOOOW Bravo!!! Amiga, tanto a nivel visual, como vocal, y ni hablar de la actitud en tu interpretación. Te luciste con esta entrada, te felicito. :3 Me gustó mucho como hiciste juego con tu voz a la hora de armonizar, también me gustó mucho la edición de tu video, lo amé, eres de las mías, creativa al 100%
Nos seguiremos viendo. ;)

PD: La letra de la canción es poderosa.

OOOOW Bravo!!! friend, both visually and vocally, not to mention the attitude in your interpretation. You did a great job with this entry, I congratulate you. :3 I really liked how you played with your voice when harmonizing, I also liked the editing of your video, I loved it, you are one of mine, 100% creative.
I'll keep seeing you. ;)

PS: The lyrics of the song are powerful.

It's all thanks to the theme you selected and owner of the song haha.
I'm glad you find my entry creative and I hope to keep seeing you around as well.

It's a nice song, and you sang it beautifully as always. Well done

Yeah, thanks Jessie

The lyrics of this song is beautiful, it so much fit the theme.
Your singing, the background voice, your flow is always amazing.
Keep it up dearest whale🥹🥹🥰🥰🥰

Awww Olu and his sweet words, thanks 😊
Glad it fits well hehe.

This is lovely
Am also performing a song by ED Sheeran.

Oh cool, will check it out when it's out.


Wow you so cool, God bless you friend :))

Thanks sis 😊

Ose 🙌🙌🙌🙌, is the dressing for me oh-me-rit hahaha, Omo miss ed-Sheeran has landed it again, ohhh come and kiss me oh I want kiss lol 😂, I am getting the shivers instead hahah , oh my God , merit has stolen me away lol 😂 , this is awesome my dear well done, please kiss me oh

Lol leave my dress alone o 😅
Come and take kiss lemme see you na, wife snatcher 🤣

See vibe 😌 😌
I love this song 🎵 ❤️
It definitely relate to the theme of the week. Nice, whale Merit 😍🫠

Hehe thank you sis, glad you enjoyed it.

This awesome and beautiful, the song is so perfect for the theme . More grace.

Aww happy to hear that from you, thanks

It's your smile for me, your body movement and the sound... what a better combo.. really a great presentation merit this
Well done her whaleness 🥰😍

You and Jay will not let me breathe if I don't smile so enjoy 😅
Thanks for the support always momma 🤗😍

You have really great voice. great job with the cover.

Thank you dear.

You're welcome

Sweet performance dear
I like the lyrics

Thanks dear


I like this song o
I haven't learnt it though but it's a song I would love to perform one day.
Nicely done mer mer

I'm sure you will sing it someday 😊

I hope to o

Wooottt!!! 🥳🥳This is fantabulous, hehe. I love your song choice, your appearance and your voice, girl you are on fire!!!

Your presentations just keeps getting better and I love every touch of professionalism you keep adding, it's just beautiful and inspiring to watch.

Awww see my sister hyping me o 😁
I feel like celebrity like this now
I'll keep getting better and rocking for you and all my supporters 🥳

I'm just so lucky to have a singer as my sister, I can't be more grateful. Keep soaring higher dear ❣️


See how I am blushing as if you are singing for me but I remembered it's not me and just enjoyed the cover.

You nailed this, Ed Sheeran needs to see this. You handle the voice perfectly, this is impressive.


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