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Hello guys! Hope we all good?

This is another week on hive open mic, week #93 whith the thems "secret love or hidden love" I have decide to drop the cover of one of Adele's most recent song "Easy on me".


You know so many time, when we fall in love with people, we tend no to know how to express our feelings till it's to late.. but at time we night get lucky!

The thing here is once your crush gets to know that you feel for "him or her" which you decided to keep secret or hidden (the theme comes in here) he or she, might get might that you didn't express your feeling and see you perhaps as a coward!

The best reply to give at times to calm to to tell them to go "easy on me!

I hope you enjoy this musical piece.

The lyrics of the song is subtitled in the video. It really too a whole lot of hard work.

The video was shot with Samsung A20!

Thanks for watching.
Kindly upvote, like, comment and follow back as I hope to reach out to a lots more people!

I love you!

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Hey man good job you have a beautiful voice! Cheers!

Maaaan what a good video! Thanks for sharing it! Liked your voice a lot!

Thanks for taking time to view my content.

I really appreciate the fact that you stopped by! Thanks.

I'd like us to strengthen our relationship by following each other!


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I am always impressed and happy to find talents like you in this ecosystem!
It's true, sometimes not expressing our emotions for someone can lead us to a feeling of regret feeling like a coward, besides that there is also the duality of fear of being rejected, that's really horrible.
You have a beautiful voice! You sing perfectly and play the piano beautifully.

Thanks a lot I really appreciate this!.

Let's strengthen our connection by following each other

And the next video I'm going to be releasing will be me playing guitar and singing.

I've missed my guitar. I call her "evelle"🎸

Thanks for viewing

I don't know where to start, I loved in the first instance your positive attitude, but your whole performance was impeccable. You have a talent that has no limits. God bless you!

Thanks a lot my friend!

I really appreciate the encouragement to do more!

I'll appreciate a follow back!
Thanks once more.

Wow, you dared to sing the song of the moment? Congratulations my friend. What a great talent, and I insist that I love the format of your videos. Thanks for bringing this gem to our community.

Openmic in English.jfif

Thanks my friend!.

I really appreciate the words of encouragement.


hello beautiful friend your work this week. Congratulations and a big hug!

Thanks my friend.

I hope we strengthen our connection by following each other .

Thanks once more for stopping by!

Nice one bro..
You have a nice voice ..
And your play is cool too

This is great man, you did good I must say....... If I tried singing how you did my throat would feel sore halfway through the song

Thanks man.

I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement!

This is a great performance, my friend! It was a real pleasure listening to your beautiful voice !

Thanks my friend. I really appreciate your kind words