Vibes web3 music competition week 13// Holy holy holy cover by @fasacity

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I am excited again to bring forth my entry for vibes web3 music competition week 13. It has always been an amazing moment here and special thanks to @lordbutterfly and the team for their efforts in ensuring quality delivery of services in this ecosystem.

For this edition, I decided to sing though a popular hymn but it ministers a lot to my spirit. I hope it will transform you also. I did it alongside my guitar and I hope you would enjoy it.


Holy, holy, holy!
Lord God Almighty
Early in the morning
Our song shall rise to Thee
Holy, holy, holy!
Merciful and mighty
God in three persons
Blessed Trinity!

Holy, holy, holy!
Though the darkness hide Thee
Though the eye of sinful man
Thy glory may not see
Only Thou art holy
There is none beside Thee
Perfect in power, in love and purity.

Here is

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Very well done sir 👏👏

Thanks my mentor and heroine.

Aww really, thank you 😊

This is awesome sir 👍👍
Iove your vibes

Thanks mentor

Nice one here sir.


Glory, halleluyah 🙏
Holy holy holy is our God
Beautiful singing
Bless you!!!

Bless you and thanks for your input

Amen and Amen 🙏
You're welcome

This one is special ohh. I enjoyed your entry today been Sunday
Thanks for sharing

Alright. Go and replicate it in the church hahahaha. Thanks for your beautiful input. Today is father's day celebrate us.

Yes o, let's go hymnal. I will start looking for one. Thank you for sharing with us.

Thanks for the compliments