Vibes music competition. Week 2, a cover of YOU SAY by @glowie.

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Holla my people. I am here again with my entry for this week's Competition which is week 2.
I still remain @glowie and I am so very happy for This amazing opportunity to explore via music. And I thank @Lordbutterfly for this opportunity.

There're a lot to know about me and one is I get easily Intimidated 🥴, but trust me am working on it 😆. When I see people doing things without me and probably going to places without me. Do you know what comes into my mind? ...... I usually feel that maybe am not good enough or Maybe they just don't like me.

When I stumbled on this song Title "You say". I listened to the song and was like wow... could this lady be passing through what am passing through? Because the first lines of her song says....." I keep fighting voices in my mind who am not enough....", and am just wondering maybe this song was writen partly for me😆. Then I realized that I don't need to be with people who are killing me inside right?.

I think I just need to be myself right?, I mean it's my life so I decide whether to be happy or not. I realized this when I was growing up and there's this one prayer I always like to pray which is, I usually tell God that I don't want to meet with people who make me see less of myself and feel dissapointed in myself, I want people who love me for who I am and Respect me as well no matter what happens.

So far I am beginning to wipe off and get rid of such mentality about me and that has been with the help of People and songs like this.
This is the main reason I love songs because I get comforted by most of them.
I hope you see music to that extent too.

Here is the link to my Video on X source

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Hey Glowie. pls upload this to twitter and share the link. :)

Have just done that

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There's one thing I actually get attracted to in musical rendition.
That is the facial expression.
I love your facial expression, it beautifully matches the song.🙏

Thanks dear


Beautiful song 🥰

Thanks dear

This is the second time I have listened to you today, and it has truly been a total pleasure. I congratulate you for such a beautiful performance. I love your voice, and how you carry yourself.

Thanks dear
It's my pleasure

I like the idea behind why you did this song. In a world of so many voices, hold on to The Truth

Thanks dear

You sound so lovely, wonderful choice of song by the way 🤗

Thanks dear

Muy linda tu interpretación, todas las bendiciones... Gracias por compartir tus canciones en Vibes.

Wow! Beautiful rendered. Thank you for this wonderful presentation.

You are welcome 😊

Before now, I usually feel the way you feel but I conquered that. I decided not to be intimidated by anybody because I know that one day, I'll also achieve whatever that person achieved and it is the matter of time🥰.

Therefore, I killed intimidation 😊
Nice entry darling and your voice is as great as always.
Well done🌹

Thanks mi darling

Amazing song dear you did a great jo congratulations.
Have a great day.

Thanks dear

You are welcome😊

Hola , cantas muy bonito te felicito, saludos desde Venezuela

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