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Hi hivers. How are you? This is my first post in @hivegarden.

My family would occasionally receive a plant or two as gifts. We’d tend to them on our balcony. This year we decided to step things up, add more plants and grow some fruits and vegetables. We harvested baby carrots and strawberries a few months ago. They were few but we’re grateful.

What’s New?


I’m happy to share with you, what we’ve added. We are now reaping tomatoes. It’s been a bit hot and a few of our tomatoes started splitting but we got quite a few. They’re tasty and my kids enjoy reaping them. Some of them are yet to ripen. Though the fruits seem to be flourishing, we’ve noticed the drying or wilting of some leaves. It’s been really humid. We figured that the tomatoes probably needed some shade.
While turning the soil however, we found an unwanted guest. We’ll pay more attention to our soil. We are hoping we won’t or don’t have too many of these:



I hope this isn’t the reason for the drying of the leaves. Hoping too that the roots are still in tact. 😃

Add Some Passion

I was passing by a flower shop and noticed that they had a few bonsai fruits trees for sale. When I saw passion fruit for sale and in a flower pot, I got excited. It was a perfect fit for my balcony space. I hardly even see the fruit at the supermarket so growing my own really peaked my interest. I selected one that already had three fruits on it.

Due to the heat, I realized at points that it wasn’t doing well. The fruits started shriveling and the leaves started wilting. I took it inside and it thrived. The fruits eventually ripened, fell and all three were tasty and full of seeds.
I alternate keeping it inside and on the balcony depending on the temperatures. Hoping to get some flowers and more fruits.






Thank you for reading my post. Please stay tuned to see what’s happening in my balcony garden.
Have a great day. 😃


Budding work!🌱👍 reshared!

Thank you and thanks for re-sharing. 😃🎶Have a good day.

Amazing how you are using the space your balcony to grow your own garden while including the whole family.
Loving those mini tomatoes 😋

Keep going. I admire your passion.

😃Thanks. So lovely to eat what we grow. The kids show more appreciation for meals. Thanks for admiring my passion. Nice play on words.

Hello @fruityfruitz
Well done with getting your vegetable and fruit garden thriving.
It's awesome to be able to reap what you sow.
Both the tomatoes and the passion fruit look like high quality, so congratulations on your gardening success:))

😃Thank you. It’s a good feeling. The entire family is in on it. When the first passion fell and we cut it open, it was like a party. 😂🤣
Our younger son doesn’t like tomatoes but ate it because it was from the “farm”.
Thanks re the produce. Have a great day. 🎶

That's lovely to hear.
Best wishes with receiving more produce:))

😃Thank you.🎶