Some Beautiful Sunsets From My Backyard 🌄

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I love sunsets and sunrises so I make this post about sunsets. I took those pictures with my mom's new camera. I hope you check it out.

Sunset In The Backyard


Two days ago I took some pictures of the sunset. I didn't use my iPad but I used my mom's new camera. Well, it is not new but my mom just has it. My mom doesn't really use it but I use it a lot. I think I get the hang of it. My sister uses it too but not much.


This one I tried to make some style but I don't know-how so I did this. It was my sister's idea not mine. My sister made a lot of crazy ideas but it is amazing. I love pictures but I am not good at taking photographs. My mom and my dad are really good at taking photographs.


This one I took it a little bit closer and I used zoom a little. I don't know if you all like it but for me, it is good but not too good. This one is my favorite and my sister's favorite is the second one.


This one I took today and I took it a little bit early and I think I this one better. If you know which one you like please tell me and only if you wanted to. I see a lot of people post about sunsets and sunrises. I will try to take some pictures of sunrises if I get the chance and wake up fast.





Monkey B



Sunset, couldn't think of anything more enticing to the eyes at the moment.

I know someone that loves taking pictures of the sky and that's my baby sister, hehe. She goes nuts over those shit, especially when it's about to rain and everywhere becomes cloudy and dark, then she ma pull up with her camera and click click all over the place.

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I am crazy over it too and that is good that your baby sister love taking pictures. I love pictures but I am not really good at it. Have a good day.

Your photography is getting much better Srey-Yuu. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much dad but I am still not good as you do.

Hello @kidsisters. I think your photos are really nice. When it comes to taking pictures, I'm not good at it. But I try my best. I'm always cutting off part of the items in the picture. I love to take pictures of clouds.

My favorite photo form your post are the light colored sky.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much and I am not good at it but I have to keep trying. I love clouds too but I don't the best time to take them. I am late now too and I never see sunrises for a long time. Have a good day.

Those photos are beautifully done. I am a big sunset lover. I really love sunrise as well but I am a late person so I can't see sunrises these days.

Yes, the photos are lovely. I also like sunsets better than sunrises. Only because I can't up early enough any more to catch them.

Well, I guess we have something the same. I used to wake before my mom now I woke up after my mom and it change in just on week. Have a good day.

Beautiful pictures! Well done 👍

Very nice sunsets you done a good job 🌞

Thank you and you are the reason why I want to post about sunsets because I love your sunsets and sunrises posts.

Thank you @kidsisters that is lovely of you to say and i love to see more sunsets from you...Cheers 😊

Beautiful photographs! Mother nature's beauty is so different. Thanks for sharing these to us!

Thanks and she will always beautiful. Have a good day.

Those are beautiful pictures.

I like the ones that have some light in them.

Beautiful view from your backyard.

Thank you so much and I like that one too. Three days ago I saw a pink, blue, and little purple sunset. It was the best one but I don't know where the camera is. Have a good day.





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