LA VOZ CANTANTE WEEK #22 || Obinasom by Mercy Chinwo || cover @sholex94

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Hello music lovers welcome to singing voice week 22... It's my first time posting in this community, and I think I love the atmosphere.
Today I'll be singing a song by Mercy Chinwo titled Obinasom. I select this particular song to shower praises on the giver of Life, for extending His love towards me. I hope you'll enjoy the song.


See the way you love me
See the way you care for me
You carry my matter
For your head oh
Ine me Obi nasom

Like a little baby
You watch over me oh
You no dey carry me dey play oh
Ine me Obi nasom

Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Obi nasom oh oh
Ineme Obi nasom

Jesus Ineme Obi nasom oh
Obi nasom oh oh
Obi nasom oh oh
Ineme Obi nasom

Because of Jesus
(Because of Jesus)
I've got joy overflow
Unlimited favour
It's like a river in my soul

Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Obi nasom oh oh
Ineme Obi nasom

Thanks so much for watching.

Below is the link to the original video. All credit to the author #mercyChinwo.

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You have a nice voice
Being alive is a gift,we should all appreciate that

Thanks so much brother... I appreciate your comment.

Hi and welcome

Very cool voice and interpretation! You have an amazing talent.

But two things. First. This Community it's about rock only and the original song isnt about rock at all. Second one, You have to leave un the post the oficial video for give crédits to the artist. It's like a rule. Please make Crosspost in another Community like músic or soundmusic cause Your song it's very cool and deserve more upvotes. Sadly we only supports rock songs. You can read our rules in about section and in our each week post every sunday. I hope You can being to us rock songs in the future. We accept Christian rock too and classic songs


Okay... Am so sorry about that. I'll do the needful. Thanks for the correction.

Don't prob at all My talented friend. I enjoy a Lot your interpretation and cover but this Community it's about rock (I had to make rock niche for asking for more support) and we Modify 20 weeks ago the Community for change to rock only.
This is our rules. I wrote in English for global understanding:

Blessings and I hope You obtain good upvotes and rewards with this posts. Very cool one

Thanks so much dear Admin. I really appreciate your comment.

Your welcome 🙏🙏
I hope in the future we Will grow and supports all the music genres. For the moment we are límites by this.

Okay sir. I hope the community will grow and support all music genres in the future as well.



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Muchas gracias por el apoyo.

Honorific Award week 22 - Congrats! por tu participación en la Voz cantante semana - felicidades - concurso junto a Loud and proud / Beatzchains / Aliento / Pimp / Soundmusic / 3speakes