Hive Torch Pass 211 - Hive is On Fire

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So I just got passed the HIVE Torch from my bredda @luca777, I had no idea these experiments were still taking place but hey, all in good fun and community building. I had to use that female cover art to bring some variety. ( Pic cutesy of Canva)

For more information on this HIVE Torch, see this post here by @stayoutoftherz who got it all started.

I am the 211th person the pass the torch an it is said they have a goal of hitting 333. In this Torch pass, you add 1 Hive or none, back in the steem days you added what you felt like or none, so that is the major difference I see.

I have passed the Torch to my fellow Jamaican @missaj, ( Its not a late Christmas present bro, don't stake it 🤣 ) I passed it to him as he has never given up on his hive journey like many I have introduced and he always tries to explore and figure things out on his own before asking questions. No spoon feeding JJ, he learns on his own and has grown. I also respect his zeal for life and his good sense of humor, @missj always brings the IRIE vibes.

Here is some conscious Reggae vibes to start the week! We seh no dutty foot yeah! Gwaan step clean @missaj






Have an Awesome Monday!

Morning to you too bro ! I'm about to head into Tuesday over here. Blessed week!

Be Cool & Stay Safe!
Blessings to You as Well!

Great art, I will use this now in the main post!