understanding is essential In a relationship

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For people to come together with one mind in having a relationship, it would still take that same mimd to make the relationship long and lasting, people who are not honest, do not make a lasting relationship, why some relationship could not bring something better is not all about dependence on one of the parties, but because, one of the parties is not honest.

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Then, when someone is not honest, it would be very difficult for the next person to understand him/her, I have witnessed so many years of broken relationship because of finding out that one of the people were not being honest, sometimes, it will make a lot of sense if the other person is able to spare the other for the relationship to stays alive, but everyone knows that betraying hurts a lot, so no one is to blame if someone is to end the relationship or not.

Being in love, is one of the best feelings that comes to a person, but without having an understanding heart, the whole thing about love is not said to last longer, why is it that, is because, people go hard sometimes in doing something they are not supposed to do, some of these things they do, would make them regret it, but it would be too late, if the partner was one who finds it so hard to let go when they feel hurt, it would be hard to work things out in the relationship.

Understanding is still number one above all things, as long as the relationship is concern, I have met people these days, who say, their relationship status is Into a civil commitment, this is becoming so much, that we ourselves have to point out that we should have something like civil commitment, and if you are going to dig what brings up, this type of relationship, it would be because, some when in a relationship find it hard to understand, and for the sake of this, there was need to have the type of relationship where people are in but at the same time out.

Someone who finds it difficult to understand needs time, to remember, so that to have a better understanding, in my place, if you are newly married, what the elders would tell you will be to understand your wife and for your ample to understand that to a greater extent, because they have discovered without this understanding, more problems may arise in the family and as newly married couples, who lived with little experience of their married life, to save their homes, it is necessary that they better be told, the counseled may be for a short time, for that time, the instructor talk but believe me, it helps to keep the family alive.

I have seen that understanding costs a penny less than who has not been told, in a relationship and also in other purposes of life, the reason we have masters and apprentices is because, Masters understand better than apprentices and for apprentices to become masters, they need to keep learning until that exact moment when they found themselves well enough.

Listening works so much in line with understanding that the listener understands what is being said.


Sometime when we have disagreement is because of how we perceive reality. Is it wrong to perceive something differently at times? We should respect each other's differences and compromise at times because we love one another.

Respect, patience and forgiveness are some of the key ingredients to make things work.

Sometime, letting go of someone is also being understanding. We understand that we need to allow another person to grow and that our time with one another is up.

Sometime, we need to be honest with ourselves.

Thank you for saying this, we need to let others go for more better things to take place in our life, we need to have patience, because without patience, nothing would seems to work, life needs more understanding for a person to be happy. I greet you @wanderfullism

@johnbenn I truly enjoyed reading your post as it has empathy, and the intention to connect and bridge differences. This is not just a onetime occurrence, but rather a way of living that should be shared with others.

Thank you for saying this @wanderfullism, truly it connects and it's one of the ways to bring difference.

Misunderstanding ruins a good relationship.
Understanding makes a relationship strong and going.
Thank you very much for sharing these interesting facts.

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You are right, a person needs to understand one another for peaceful coexistence, thank you for saying this @jmis101 🥰

You are welcome dear

You too @jmis101, thank you for saying this.

Alright dear

Relationships can be so beautiful with the proper care, and yet they wither quickly without open and honest communication. 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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Communication stands out great in building a long lasting relationship, but on the other hand, a person must be open to his/her partner, for understanding of all kinds, thank you so much for saying this @tydynrain and @aliveandthriving ♥️

Indeed! Have a beautiful week! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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Thank you, wish you the same.

Certainly, and thank you much! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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Indeed! Openness, honesty, transparency, and authenticity are essential for any kind of healthy, lasting relationship. Without these things relationships crumble quickly! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

Thank you for saying this @tydynrain, a person who is honest, make a lasting relationship, I appreciate your comments.

Certainly, and indeed! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

True 🙏🥰

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