My Dance For Dreemport's Party , Yeah!!!

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Hello, hello beautiful hivians,

This week, DREEMPORT is celebrating her ANNIVERSARY , she's one year old now, sweet isn't it? and today as requested by dreemport, I'm going to be sharing with you all a dance video and I hope you will shake your body wherever you are, so we can celebrate with our beloved DREEMPORT.


Image source also designed using canva.

Please Note : I'm not a good dancer but I love sharing my body, hehe (format 😜) so you can laugh but don't laugh at me, I want you to be happy so I can't tell you not to laugh, you understand right? ☺️.

This dance steps are almost without rhythm, I just moved my body at it deemed fit, LOLZ. I don't know why... Wait did I just say I don't know why, please don't mind me, I'm too excited that I forgot the reason

It's because of the partyyyyy..... Of course 😁.

But I did had a lot of fun making this video. My house was dark because of the weather but you know the party venues, especially for birthdays are not that bright, right? hehe 😃.

While I was editing the video I was just smiling watching myself, I was busy telling myself, you did well 😁. Like it's been a while since I last danced like that not just dancing, to a camera, wow, I did really well.


This Friday we will be celebrating with dreemport and I hope you all join us, you can read this post to get all the information you need and you can also join the party.

I just can't wait for Friday to come in already excited 🥰. It will be fun to have you all around at the party, please don't miss out, it's going to be fabulous, but FANTASTIC with you all 🤗.

Thank you for stopping by, see you at my next blog ❣️❣️.


property of dreemport

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😄😄😄😄 your dance move reminds me of when I was in secondary school. Back then when we are learning new cultural dance steps that's how we move at first 😄😄😄.

I think you have the potential of becoming a great dancer if you practice more. you have the body for dancing.

😄😄😄 don't care if the video is dark or not, what matters is the mindset with which you did it. I was just giggling all through watching you dance.

Hehehe, I'm so glad it reminded you of those good old days, hehe.

Hmm, yes I loving dancing, I just need someone to be my coach, that's all.
Thank you for your amazing comment Ma'am 🥰🥰.

You can try some YouTube videos. If you are willing, you'll learn some amazing steps there

Okay, I think that is a really good idea. Thank you ☺️.

Wow girl! This is so much fun... Up in my messerati 😅😂 did I spell that well? I love the song.

See moves nau... Na your department normally 🤪

@otuyanancy come and learn how to dance now o

You will need it for Friday's party 😂🥰🙂

See as you are asking me if it's correct, should I have known? 😁. Please my head full, we are preparing for the party 😂😂.

Hehehe, hype lady Don show, thank you Ma'am, I appreciate your comment 😂😁

Head full for party o
This party just have to be super memorable 🥰

Yes oo, I'm sure it will be memorable 💃.

Shey you see that you don't know how to dance, even your sister can dance all the styles😛😛


Omo let me go and wear my dancing shoes for the Friday party, I don't want some people to dance more that me oooo😛😛😛

But wait ooo @hopestylist you will have to teach me some of your moves

Happy +1 dreempot

Yes oo, go and wear it oh. But you know there are some amazing dancers like @dreemsteem, she's good, I'm a learner.

Which move, those moves that I don't even know what I'm doing? 😂😂.

Abeg if is another thing you need tell me is not all those awful moves, they are just party moves 😁😁.

Very fun, and you dance just great. ❤️🤗💕

Thank you so much 🥰🥰.

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You did amazingly well. And I love your choice of music. The room was dark but you did well. Everyone if the party dance post I clicked so far was fun. This is another great fun. Kindly bring the cake on Friday. I love cakes a lot.
Congrats to us all, @dreemport lovers haha

I'm happy you had fun watching, this e steps just came from somewhere.

About the cake, it was not mine oo, it was sourced but it will be great to get one for the party.

How did I miss this?!!?!?!

You posted 13 hours ago and I didn't see it????? hahahahaha I'm LOVING this - you actually did some choreography!!!! hehehehe

in the beginning you seemed shy, but by the end of the first minute - you were singing and dancing and making all kinds of moves that matched the music!!!! hahahaha

I was like hmmm let me learn this choreography that Hope has going here! hahahahah

Are you ready for the party??? hehehe ooooh. I'm so excited... but i'm nervous too.

It's so much easier to just show up for the party... but when you're hosting - all the sudden you want to make sure that everyone is having a good time hehehe

well - we will see! hehehe

we will pray that everyone has fun- and that everyone is giggling and laughing and still keeping the celebration up! hehehehe

love you! and FABULOUS JOB WITH YOUR DANCING!!! should I start learning this dance now hahahahaha

Hehe, I'm glad you still stopped by. I'm always happy to see a comment from you, because you always bring smiles to my face.

It's always hard for the host because they are always worried of how everything is going to start and end but trust me at the end everything is going to end well.

My Dance was just out of fun for the party and I'm so glad you liked it and even want to learn them, hehe.

I think you should start learning it now, hehe ☺️☺️. Thank you for leaving your amazing comment as always.

Nice dance there.. I wish I could dance too..

Thank you, I'm sure you will do awesome well, remember it's just for fun, so I'm sure you can do something.

Haha. I hope so..but Im quite shy in front of the cam🙈

Let's dance together next time 😁

Okay, I think that will be awesome.

Happy anniversary dreemport,🥰
Wow! Those dancing steps were awesome 💪

Thank you for stopping by and your amazing comment 🥰.

You are welcome


You did do very well!

I loved watching you dance and that smile! It's been so much fun celebrating and dancing with all the dreemers! 😁

Hehe, yeah, thank you for your kind words 🥰.

That is awesome partner, you really got into the more the video went on!
I can see you warmed up well for Friday:)

Hehehe partner, it's been a while. I've missed you.

I'm so glad you stopped by to cheer for me, thank 🥰. And yes I did warmed up 😁.

You cheered me up so yes I come to cheer you :)

That's so thoughtful of you partner, thank you 😘.

Why thank you partner and you are very welcome 😁

Hehe, I see what you are trying to do. I've missed you partner 🥺🥰.

Hehe I am here

Oh, that's right 🤭.

😆😆😃😃you can dance sha, kuddos

Hehehe, thank you sweetie. But I'm looking for a coach 🥺.

😃😃 you will find one soonest

I hope so 🙈.

Thank you for stopping by dear.

You are welcome,