The Flowers in My Teacup


Hi hivers. I recently went to pick up a gift for a friend’s birthday. While waiting for it to be wrapped, I looked around the store. I checked out the various sections and realized that there was a small area of select tea and coffee. I wasn’t familiar with the brand “Cartwright and Butler”, so I zoomed in on it a bit and took a few snaps. There were teas, coffee and cookies.


I did notice that there was a twenty percent discount on the Cafe York Blend.
I hadn’t planned on buying either tea or coffee but looking at the selection made me remember that I was yet to use this beautiful cup set that another friend gifted me.

My Newest Teacup (gift from a friend)



I love the floral pattern of the set and the contrast in the colors (tint and shade). Usually I’d prefer colorful cups but I’m so in love with this one. I like the flowers at the base of the cup. They add to the tea or coffee break experience. I basically did a photo shoot. Lol! I wondered what my first drink from the cup would be. Would it have been tea? Would it have been coffee? What kind of tea or what kind of coffee?

Coffee or Tea?

Tea it was. I sampled my gift with some green tea with roasted rice.
I paired it with some rice crackers or senbei 🍘 that I got from a neighbor. It’s interesting how that neighbor and I became friends but that story is for another time over another cup of tea.



The tea itself was like flowers in a cup. I had a relaxing time.
Loving my cup…cheers. 😃

Have a great week. 🎶


Very interesting and beautiful cup! Is it Japanese porcelain? I haven’t had a Japanese tea in quite some time, but when I was traveling there it used to be so refreshing and tasty.

😃Thank you. I’m excited about the cup itself. Lol!
You’re right, Japanese tea is really refreshing especially if you’re having it from a cup like this. 😜
It’s made in Japan, that means it’s Japanese porcelain? Just recently I’ve become more interested in cup, plates and their designs. Beautiful art. I think the answer to your question may be “yes”. Lol!

I have s special attitude towards Japan and everything Japanese. I have been in this country maybe about 15 or 16 times and every one is special in a way. Definitely want to visit it again!

I think if the cup is Japanese made, it will most probably made of Japanese porcelain. But as well I may be wrong, of course 😁
Anyway, it’s definitely a very beautiful cup!
Thanks for sharing.

Wow! You’ve been here quite a bit. 😃That’s lovely. I share your sentiments. There are many things I admire about Japan and I do have that special attitude as well. Lots of respect.

I think if the cup is Japanese made, it will most probably made of Japanese porcelain. But as well I may be wrong, of course 😁

😆I’ll take your word for it. Lol! I don’t know much about materials so I couldn’t a definite “yes”.
I like the uniqueness of it though. I’m not materialistic but I find that it has really drawn my attention. Chances are if I put the same tea in a different cup, the taste would be different. Lol!
😃Thank you for stopping by.🎶

That tea cup is full of character. I'm sure anything you drink from that cup will taste better just by being in the cup. Lol

😃Thank you. I get that feeling too.I got it from a special friend. I'm feeling the love as I drink.

Hey @fruityfruit, interesting cup indeed. So different:)

😃Thank you. My cup for this week. 😃

The porcelain - I assume it is - is also what got me into reading the post. Beautiful set.

😃I’ll assume it’s Japanese porcelain then. Thanks. It’s really beautiful.
I’d usually look around for cups with positive words or messages on them. This cup however…”no words”.💝

I’d usually look around for cups with positive words or messages on them.

We're usually on the lookout of cups with puns 😅. Those with positive texts we reserve for gifts to others.

Lol! That’s fun. 😃


Have a lovely weekend:)


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