The FO(A)MO Is Real | My New View On Cappuccinos

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Last week I went to grab a bite to eat with a friend in a city called Almere in the Netherlands and I was in for quite the surprise. Now I enjoy coffee as much as the next person in this community, maybe even more, but because of geographical limitations, my experience with the different ways coffee can be made and presented is also limited.

So I've ordered a few cappuccinos here in the Netherlands. Sometimes after 11 AM (Italians, don't unfollow me please). But I was truly surprised and pleased when I go my cappuccino at this place and noticed that the 2 cm layer of foam was so thick that it was more solid than usual. After stirring it a bit with my spoon in disbelief, I decided to take a picture, which is the one you see above. At first it was obviously flat.

The fact that I could make actual shapes with the foamy layer was a new and fun experience. And it's safe to say that this is my new standard for how my cappuccino should be wherever I go. xD

They also served us some good burgers and other snacks to go along with the magical foamy cappuccino.


See you on my next coffee adventure, which will probably be soon.



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I'm a cappuccino in the morning type of person when on vacation. We don't have rules in Canada when it comes to coffee, it's drink whatever you want whenever you want it. I prefer it that way. The coffee in the Netherlands was always top notch whenever we went there.

I feel the same way. Whenever I want a comfortable hot drink I go for the cappuccino, no matter the rules or time.

That's some serious foam, indeed!
Yes, the Dutch do good coffee, as is evident by your cappuccino...Hmm, I read that the Netherlands is the leading coffee drinker even over the Finnish...I need to check the sources of that info.

The burger looks juicy and tasty:)
so tempting.jpg

They're definitely in the top in terms of coffee drinking. Even for your home coffee setup there are already so many options to choose from.

Sometimes after 11 AM (Italians, don't unfollow me please).

!LOL I think it is forgivable as it's cold there around this time of year.
That cappuccino though 😍.

!LOL we'll see. Maybe it depends on your location. xD

Well, if I haven't had my coffee at 13:00h. or after, I'll still have it however hot it may be outside.

That's why we have ice coffee :D !WINE

!LOL On sunny days those do come in handy 😂.


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What a lovely burger!
Before reading your post, the foam grabbed my attention. Lol it must had been fun to play with. Lol