This is what I need in my place of work

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I feel so much happier when I know, where I am going to work, there would be constant light, it will make me to speed up in my duty, then get the tasks done without much wasting of times.

Few months ago, I was given a contract to paint a two bedroom flats, it was a new building, so a lot of works were required, I didn't really want to take the work because I was afraid i might not see constant electricity in that place, as some tools need light to perform tasks.

And, when I asked someone that has stayed in that area before, if the area have constant light, he didn't gave me a clear answer, so, I was a kind of doing my own research on it.

But before then, I also called another person that I know once stayed there, also his response was not convincing, but at least, the second person told me, light used to go there, but he didn't said light there was constant, and it has been a year he moved out, so he can't really tell, what is the nature of power in the place currently.

The deals is, I didn't want to hired a lot of equipments, especially, something like a generator, I know how generator can be heavy, then I was battling in my mind, if to accept the work or not, considering the fact that, it was on a long journey and going to that place with those tools was going to cost me a lot of transport fare and a lot of charges from the peoples who own those equipments.

So, that morning, I decided to accept it, I called few of my friends and we were on our way, I had a plan which was, once I get there and no light, I will look for a place and hired a generator, but it turns out that, luck was on my side, throughout the painting, both outside and in, we worked with constant electricity.

I didn't bother myself of hiring a generator and some of the tools we went there with that required electricity were plugged in a socket then it was very easy for us to do everything we were doing.

The work lasted for three days and it was on contracts, so, any hired equipments was on me, because the one who demands for the work has make every payment but, I didn't want to work and go home empty pocket.

Further more, we are in a world where everything required electricity and for those machines that are not electronic, needs much efforts from us to used it, then no one wants to spent more time in a task that should be done in few minutes with an electronic machine.

Then what am I really saying, without electricity, I do not think I am going to like my work and aside from that, I might not do my best, a lot of delays would be made and, the work might end up becoming clumsy.

Thanks for reading, see you in my next post, cheers

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