Day31, The salt pyramids of Bonaire

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Bonaire is a well-known island in the Carebbean sea. Together with Aruba and Curaçao, this trio forms the "ABC-Island". Bonaire is known for its weather, always sunny, and for the beautiful beaches with cristal-clear water. This island is also known for the salt pyramids! In the north of Bonaire are there ponds which evaporate the seawater to produce salt. The salt will then be collected and stored in pyramids (hills). This is also a tourist attraction.

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Useful information. Nu wil ik graag naar Bonaire voor de zout ponden😀

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Bonaire is really a beautiful place to be. I love the climate and the appearance of the Island from your photographic view. Very clear appearance and cool resolution. Hope to see more of this with time. Pls stay safe over and do have a wonderful moment @raishmi. #hiveisalive

Indeed it is.
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