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A choice a lot of people are confronted every day during these troubling virus-riddled time is having to go to work to have an income in order to take care of themselves and their family. In fact, the word "choice" is incorrectly used here, because having to go to work is almost of a forced nature for a large part of the people. This is especially true in developing countries. Well, at least in the country I live in, Suriname. Wanting to survive the virus becomes much more difficult, when it means you have to eliminate the cashflow you need that is also tied to your survival.

The obvious problem is the large cut of the population living in poverty, usually caused by mismanagement and corruption by their governments. Another common cause is that people living in poverty sometimes for some reason want to show others that they are living a lavish life and own lavish stuff, like an above average car or phone. This could easily be resolved by not living above ones standard and prioritizing. Unfortunately, the mentally associated with the problem doesn't always allow the solution to be that easy. Once that financial state of mind is reached, someone can start saving for a nest-egg and be less dependent on a job for a short period of time, for example when a pandemic arises.

What it comes down to is that, in hindsight , we can avoid financial troubles, by being more financially responsible.

Those who really can't afford saving would then be severely reduced in amount and could eventually have easier access to social aid, instead of social aid trying to keep up with much more people right now. Not having those corrupt governments would also help, but that's a totally different discussion.
The whole virus vs financial situation a complicated matter nonetheless. Hopefully we get a cure soon and it won't haunt us for much longer. One can only hope.

Now for an appropriate daily funny image to balance out all the drama.



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That's a funny graphic, where did Satochi go πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ€«πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…, and well said about the virus and especially the reaction to it elevating the problem with poverty, making more people fall into that, and the ones already poor falling even more into despair.

The underlying problem is in my opinion really the current monetary system, where all money in circulation is created through debt, which by extention requires poverty for some or there would not be any money.

Lol, that's the point. No one knows who, what or where Satoshi is and what he's worth. He/she is probably on a tropical beach somewhere sipping cocktails and blogging on Hive.

Agreed, the monetary system that almost forces people into debt and relies on that debt is a big problem. Although even there, there are some that willingly go into debt when they don't have to. A buddy of mine had an employee, that took a loan at a bank just to throw a party, while another one took a loan to buy fancy clothes for a new years eve party.

Of course there are those who do make the right choice financially and still struggle each and every day. And it's those people that need the help of the community.

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Nice, at least I don't have to worry about my survival rate in awesomeness. :)

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