My Entry #264 For The Black N White Photography Challenge ~ Rhodes Cafe Culture

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The photo that I'm sharing Today is an insight into the "Cafe Culture" that appear everywhere in the "Old Town" district of Rhodes. A really beautiful island that is just "one" of the many Greek islands, that you might find while visiting Greece.

This is simply a fun photo contest for people to share "any kind of photo" that reflects a feeling of well-being or happiness. At least that's my interpretation of what is required for this photo challenge!

Eating seafood and drinking cocktails always gives me a HAPPY 😎 SMILE

Below is my latest entry for the BNW Photography Challenge!

  • Photo Title: Rhodes Cafe Culture


The Rules to follow in this Black & White photography challenge:

• Black and white images that represent any positive meaning in life.
• Present one or two images every day.
• You may add people if you want.
• No explanation.
• Use the tag > #bnwphotography < as your first tag.

  • Nothing else to say really, as the image says everything required!

The above Photo was taken by me with an Apple iPhone
[ Strictly Copyright ©2022 ©andy4475 ]
Photo Location: Rhodes Old Town, Greece

Many Thanks for visiting, see you all again very soon... 🙋‍♂️


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Cheers 👍

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