#SpreadTheVibes Challenge | "Time To Rise" by Vannda And Master Kong Nay

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This is my first Spread The Vibes Challenge. I shared "Time To Rise" with my mom and a chef. My dad shared "Love Is Among" with me and many more.

Going To What My Dad Shared

This is one of the songs that my dad always listens to. I know some of it and my dad helped me with the song. The song uses a lot of hard words that I don't know. I think this song describes the situation right now. The word is very hard for me. I can't even remember most of the words. This song is about never gives up, help other people in need, and happy with what you had.

My favorite part is when Akae Beka said

Don't beat up yourself so
Love is among

Helpfulness is among
May not be as rich as the other ones
This is who we have
These are our feelings
This is our place and as of now

We are not rich or famous but I am happy that my family is together and I am happy that my family has love in each of us. I am happy with what I had. It makes me feel different but I don't know why. This song also makes me think a lot about the future. I really hope the future be better than this. My dad chose the right song for his post. I hope you enjoy the song like my dad and I did.

My Tune For #SpreadTheVibes

This song is now famous in Cambodia. It is about culture. My mom helped me with the song. My mom chose this song. It is also about the past. They film this in the museum. It is rap but it is still about the culture. It is also about some of the legendary singers from the past that already died.

They also show some of the old stuff. This song also translates into English. An old man's name is Kong Nay and a man that in most of the song name វណ្ណដា (Vannda). It might be hard to understand but my mom helped me out.

My Invites

I would love to invite @sreypov which is my mom for helping me pick a song. My next person is @carolynstahl, she is one of the people that I know from my mom for a long time. I know she doesn't know Cambodia. but it is also translated to English.

"Spread the Vibes" Guidelines

by @edje & @mipiano

To give a little direction to how we "Spread to Vibes", a few guidelines below.

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Not all of us receive notifications from our favorite blogging applications. Therefore you may consider the following:

  • Drop a link to your post to those you invite
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As we would like to see not only many post chains forming but also to get a little more connected, consider the following:

  • Drop a reaction in the comment section of the post that got you invited
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Rewards: Lame

Usually, a challenge is packaged with some monetary incentive. But, isn't that boring? And isn't monetizing positive vibes not lame? Passion, energy and community vibes: That's what counts!

So you know: Though we can't guarantee some curator team selecting your post for a boost, we also can't guarantee this will not happen 😉


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Wow I am honored that you invited me! I came home from work sooo tired and and really needed some good vibes. I mean really really.

The first song had such perfect and loving lyrics that really do inspire good vibes. The second one was hard for me to understand but the title says a lot. I thought that second one was extremely cool. It had a really cool video and I also loved the sound. It made me dance in my mind but I am too tired to actually do it haha.

As for my inspiring music selection, well I don't really have a good selection of great positive vibes music that I can think of except maybe really lame old songs but you know what, I will see what I can come up with.

This was so magical for me because I really needed to get some good vibes today. It's like you knew.

Thank you dear @kidsiters I adore you!

You are welcome. I am glad that I invited you. I am sorry that you are tired. I love the first one too.

I am sorry about that but you can understand it in English word. They can translated it. I am happy you think that way. I will wait for your song. Have a good day. !ENGAGE 80

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I love this picture 😍🥰😘 you are so adorable!!!!


Yes mom she is very adorable. !ENGAGE 5

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Dear Srey-Yuu, this is so great you followed the invitation of your dad and responded!!!

Somehow the notification of the mention never came to me, I see just now your post. BUT, it is the same excitement to see that the music is making its path and the positive vibes are spreading. Cool!!

The music can connect people and it is doing right now ;) Although your invites will respond to your shared video, I want to add just some words. I liked the museum shots, and that old man Kong Nay. The music is completely new for me, being a classical musicians I am used to occidental sounds, so the oriental tunes and music structure comes to me as a fresh and new vibe into my ear. Of course, we listened to some examples of oriental music and learned about characteristics while we were studying, but still, not so much. In this song two generations and mixed, representations of culture, good values and history of a country that can not be neglected, with the new generation and new influences.

So thank you @kidsisters for responding and sharing!

P.S. As your mom says, you two are absolutely adorable on the photo 💚 Oh, and that yellow flower decoration, cute 🌞

The songs are both very inspiring and meaningful very good choices great vibes 👍

Thank you so much. The song are fun to listen. !ENGAGE 10

Your welcome @kidsisters keep those vibes up 😄

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Dancer in the garden 🏡 and traditon khmer.

Thank you so much.

So lovely you know him.

!LUV 1

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Okay, thank you 😊

Reblog your posting dear sir ❤️

Thank you so much.

Mostly well come dear