I will never be the same like them

In my life, I have learnt not to be anybody but myself, in many cases, I have tried to imitate the lifestyle of others and change from whom I am, but the revered is always that, I will get hurts in one way or the other.

I am a kind of man who hardly get annoyed, I do not know of that thing a person would do that would get me annoyed, moreover, I can't remember the last time I got pissed off.

But I have a friend who always tried to boiled my heart, he sees the way I lived like something that is not good for a man, he mostly told me, "I shouldn't allow people to take me for granted" but for me, I can not remember where or when a person take me for granted.

I am just keeping good energy and I follow things just the way I see them, I refused stressing myself too much, just because, I want to do everything at once.

For me, there is always another day to proceed from where we stop and achieve the things we want, the important thing is that we shouldn't stop to be grateful and we always pray for good things to come our way.

Thereafter, once, this guy who think I am allowing people to take me for granted came to my place and on that thursday morning, we decided to take tea as breakfast, since he was my visitor, I didn't want him to stressed, I asked him not to worry about going with me, that I am going to get the bean's cake for us and then we will used it to take the tea.

There was sliced bread already in the house, so, I didn't bother about that, when I got to the place, it was crowded, the woman is the only person who is doing the business in that area, and customer's were doing first come first serve.

It was my turn to buy, but someone else claims he came before me, I didn't dragged or say more words, because he was my elder, beside, even if he took my turn, I will still be the person who would buy next after him, so I allow him to buy, some people there enlightened the man that it wasn't his turn but in all of it, I didn't said more words than that of the first time.

Even the man got astonished with how quiet I was, I am sure he realized it that he went in my place and he apologize, the apology alone was okay for me, I thank him so much for doing that, because I didn't expect it, due to how he was claiming hard to talked to.

I got home and my friend asked me why I was delaying so much, according to him, he said that, I took almost 36 minutes and he had to light up the gas again for the second time, so that the water continue to get hot.

I narrated the scenario to him, how the beans cake stand was occupy with a lot of people this morning, beside, when he gets to my turned, someone else claim's that it was his, so he buy before me.

My friend get up and I was seeing a lot of fury in him, "don't allow people to take you for granted" he said. But i was surprised by his statement, because never a time have anyone taken me for granted, his words were, I am too quiet as a man, and it's not good.

For me, that's how I think people should live, I do not think it's perfect for me to be fighting an unnecessary fight, when I know that even without fighting, i can still get what I want.

Life isn't about proving ego all the time, but it is about us, taking our time, proving to ourself first, before showing it to people.

I believed that hot temper isn't a good lifestyle for me to enroll, so I am mostly sure, what I do not like wouldn't find me.

Thank you for reading, see you in my next post, cheers to a good time.

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Thanks I appreciate 🥰🙏

Awesome work @repayme4568! Your daily posts on Hive are making a big impact. Keep it up!

Thanks i appreciate 🥰🙏