My Cycling experience and the first time i ride a bicycle

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Growing up to see my elders cycling was an amazing thing I used to see on each day, each time they ride a bicycle, I will be watching them very closely because the way they moved their legs was so good to watch.

Sometimes, I will ask my father to cycle me around on his bicycle when he is back from work, and I so much love my father for that because he will not reject my wish, the least he would say, would be, he was tired and he needed some rest, he would asked me to give him sometimes, and he would come and called me, then he would carry me around on his bicycle, I remember his bicycle back then was White colour and neighbors usually looks at us when father carrie's me around because white bicycle was not so common to have, people have black colour bicycle but my Dad's own was white, he bought the black colour bicycle for my mother and she was using her's for her own business.

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A time came, I was seeing my friends cycling and I thought as much that it was time for me to begin to cycle too, the first bicycle I used in learning cycling were my Dad's own, but in school, my friend that knows how to cycle already used to come to the school with his sport bicycle and he would teached me how to cycle too.

I remember that day I fell under the big sand because it was too much to cycle the paddle of his sport bicycle and my friend did left me, I didn't knew that all those times I was cycling, I was on my own.

He left me and before I realized myself, I was at the sand looking for a way to bring out myself from one part of the bicycle paddle that was pressing me down.

It was somehow hurting and I was not happy with my friend because I was thinking, he shouldn't have let me down but he should have still hold me till I finished my cycling learning that day.

But when I hear it from him, he makes me to understand that, if he doesn't let me to cycle on my own while I am thinking he was at my back, I would not be able to cycle a bicycle, so most of the times, he has to let me do it myself, so that I became strong to cycle like a professional.

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After I have learned the act of cycling, father bought me a sports bicycle too, I was using my bicycle to school, the first day as I arrived school, I heard my friend cheering on me, they were all happy that I came to school with a sports bicycle, and most of them too, learn to ride with my sports bicycle.

I remember carrying someone each day on my way going to the school and on the way going back home from the school, since our friends were many, the people that has a bicycle must carry one person with their bicycle, I used to go and wait for my friend so that he prepare and we go to school together, the reason was because, his father promised to buy a bicycle for him at the end of the school year, so he was not happy, he wanted it as soon as possible.

When I heard about it, I now make it my priority to always wait for him and we shared my bicycle together, sometimes he would cycle me and sometimes I will cycle him, and his father did buy for him a sports bicycle at that end of the school year.

School were fun because we all had a bicycle that we cycle to school, none of us waste time to school, punctuality were our names.


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Thanks, I am happy that you like my post.

My first time was with a pink bike that my dad bought, but I was very happy to ride it like never before and then we changed the colour to red.

I think I had one painful and funny fall, but without tears I got up and kept going, and only my mum put a band-aid on it and that was it.

These are beautiful experiences and memories that will never be forgotten... Cheers!


Mi primera vez fue con una bici rosada que mi papá compro, pero yo muy feliz rodé como nunca con ella y ya luego le cambiamos el color a rojo.

Creo que una sola caída llegué a tener bastante graciosas y dolorosa, pero sin lágrimas me levanté y continué adelante, ya solo con mi mamá me colocó una curita y listo.

Son experiencias bonitas y recuerdos que nunca se olvidarán... Saludos!

Your mom really helped you a lot for putting the aid there to quench the pain and make you alright, riding bicycle is too fun but it's not funny again when we get hurts, maybe, if it was our first time riding.