Afritunes Community. Week #110. Cover of "LOVE ME FIRST" by @glowie.

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Hi everyone, my name is @glowie. It's week 110 int his amazing community and I did covered a song titled "LOVE ME FIRST" by Chidinma.

Chidinma is a known Singer. I can vividly remember I used to listen to her right from when I was little, particularly the song she sang with Flavour 😆. After a while, I never listened to her again until recently, when I noticed she started singing Gospel songs.

Recently, she dropped a very good song Titled "LOVE ME FIRST" if you have not listened to this song then I must say you're missing out. The song is fire 🔥👌.
If there's anything I would like to know, then it will be finding out why she switched to Gospel songs.

I got inspired to do a cover of this song by the fact that I can imagine what it's like to try living your dreams and at the same time carrying people along. Trust me if am opportuned to meet with her one on one, I would love to ask her lots of questions 😆😆.

The point is each time I see ladies of her kind striving to strike a balance, I get so inspired and admire them alot. This particular song she released has made me think that It's God by her side with the whole cases of life. It can be so tiring but God is always there to help.
And if this can be Chidinma's Testimony, then I can get my own Testimony.

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Nice presentation

Nice performance,but why don't you try adding lyrics to your post just an idea