Ornaments and it's uses to mankind

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Hello everyone, today, in this video, I will be talking about ornaments and some uses. The ornament I will be sharing are Coral honeysuckle woody spurge plant. Ornaments are things we use to beautify our environment and they are things we need to care for too well because they require some extra energy to maintain.. Despite some challenges faced by human in maintaining these plants they still need to be cared for because when they are not cared for, they will turn into things which animals will feed on..

In this video I shared, I showed some part in which animals also are feeding on this plant because they also add values to animals and they also serve as food to them.. In some part in the video, I shared a part where you will see the maintained carpet grasses and also the ones that are not maintained and you will see the difference between the way they look.. Aside the beautification which these things are used for, they are also medicinal to we as human in the sense that they are used as herbs of tablet formations to produce drugs for ailments and others..

The Coral honeysuckle are flowers widely know for there red colouration and their ability to produce fruits which are the small red berries which are consumed by various bird species like the hummingbird and so on.. This plants requires low care because it is able to withstand drought and can be grown on any soil type..

Woody spurge has not been recorded to have grown too tall than 60cm. It contains a milky sap that is said to be very toxic and this is able to cause skin irritation and eye irritation to humans that is why this plant requires a high maintenance and high care standards. It can be used as herbs also for treatment of different ailments..

Seat back and watch the video to see the flowers and their beauties and I hope you will enjoy while you watch..

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I understand what you wanted to express through this post, and I feel that you dedicate and love what you do here. You have taken good pictures and I like the editing, I still suggest you videotape scenes for future posts and additional share the photos to complement. good job, happy day!...

Alright, thanks so much, I will surely put that into consideration for the next time. Enjoy your day brother

You have got an amazing video shot and i feel some description should be displayed on the screen for next time so people can know what the image entails incase I don't want to read the post and just watch video alone

Thanks very much, I will work on that next time