AI Beach?

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I recently went to an indoor waterpark that had an artificial beach, interestingly, the name of the place was "Caribbean Beach". Now imagine, a guy from the Caribbean indulging in such treachery 😆.

In all honesty, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The entire facility was warm, including the water. Pretty nice compared to the cold in-between winter and spring temperatures outdoors. It literally felt like summer in this place. It was so hot and humid many could be seen taking naps on the plastic chairs placed around the facility.

I hear this place is usually packed during the summer months, like China pool packed ( no offence my Chinese peeps). But on this day, there weren't many people around. And rightfully so, who really thinks of going to a water park during winter-spring?

What really got me in awe about this place was how they actually generated the heat using the energy created by the combustion from the recycle plant next to it. The water is heated, the waves are moved, the temperature stays warm and the lights stay on all from energy created by the recycle center.( In most countries we would just call it a dump.)

We actually had a lot of fun at Caribbean Beach, the thing I really missed though was the sand under my feet, that's probably something they can work on ( nah, too much work ). I will probably be back a the "Beach" pretty soon as one of my twins did not get to go as he had soccer practice. I am proud that he puts soccer fist over a lazy day at the "beach" but then he feels its his right to go the following week. He pretty much said:

I don't have soccer this weekend, so are we going to Caribbean Beach on Saturday or Sunday? 😒

Another interesting feature of this place is the payment system that feels kind of like an all inclusive resort. So basically, you pay the cover charge to get in and you get a wristband with a key and your locker number. You put your things in, get changed and if you need to order some food or rent a float, you just show them your band number and pay later. My ignorant ass went back to the locker to go get cash when we were at the restaurant ordering food. Now I know better, I guess I am a seasoned "Caribbean Beacher".
Now here is how I will end this post. I posted the picture below on insta-storeis and my brother in Jamaica said "I'd love to go to a place like that". Meanwhile I am here yearning to see the real Caribbean beach. Life is something else. But as always, be grateful and enjoy the journey.

Until NeXT time, stay blessed.


There was a time so thought about something like an artificial beach maybe I’d be the first to create something like that without knowing it exists over there
That’s so nice though

It makes sense when you think about it because not everyone can swim and many are afraid of the ocean.🌊 🦈

It will really be a pleasure to visit those types of beach someday

Nothing beats the real thing in my opinion, real beach that is.

It is artificial beech which is derived. Really good photographer and amazing place,

Thanks man. I feel like these kinda places would do well even with counties that have nice beaches.

At first I was blown away with the view of the beech

The fake beach caught you off guard ay 😂