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I think last year my BBQ season started in spring, this year it came as early as the wintery new year, January 5th to be exact. How could I refuse, some friends invited us over under the disguise of a BBQ.

Their kids love hanging out with our kids and vice-versa. Just like us, they have twin boys, while their twins have an older brother, our twins have a younger brother. Recently when our kids get together they have mostly been playing video games 🎮. ( The wintery weather has a lot to do with that. They also found some time to play some football though. Not this one 🏈 but that one ⚽️.

Guess what video games they are playing in the comments.


Speaking about video games 🎮,

a friend of mine recently said he didn’t let his 5 year old son play video games because there is no coming back, he said. But I quickly told him my opinion:

“I believe the kids who don’t start early will be left behind. In the future it is going to be a stream of income for many once the AI 🤖 effect really kicks in.”

“Do you mean E-Sports?”

“Not quite but that too. The future will see communities built around games and all the in game items such as skins, weapons, characters, etc will be actual trade-able assets with value. Many of these communities will also be tokenized and have their own currency, it’s actually taking place at this moment.”

It’s a real mind opener to be in crypto and blockchain over the years, you kind of know where the ball is rolling because you’ve seen what’s being built before the masses adopt and you’ve watched while web 2 transitions to web 2.5.


Back to the BBQ,

as you can see it was very cold, but that didn’t stop us from grilling up. The kids mostly stayed indoors while the adults chilled, grilled and chatted. I arrived late as I actually worked that day then had a meet up with some co-workers. As soon as I arrived I took over the grill duties and slapped on some good ole Jamaican jerk chicken and a bit of pork. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Stay Blessed, Not stressed.
Give thanks 🙏 in advance.


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I don’t care about the vide games
The barbecue looks so yummy
I wish I could have some

Haha 😂 I really sidetracked in this post. The bbq wasn’t bad, the chicken was better than the pork though.

i wish i could be there to enjoy this bbq.

I wish I could be at a BBQ right now LOL

Wow but truth be told, it has actually been long I played a video game

A few days ago we did the same thing all the friends had a barbeque together and the whole night we had a lot of fun together and had a great time.

Nothing like a good ole BBQ with fam and friends.