Jamaican Patties In Japan, PattyPan

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It’s been years since I had this Jamaican soul/fast-food, luckily there is a Jamaican business that started here in Japan that sells patty. PattyPan recently launched their online store and that made me order. I am not the type to message order ( how they used to do it ) as I realize the pain points of this style from both a consumer and a sellers' perspective. Patypan was born out of the pandemic in 2020 by a Jamaican couple I presume, who had more time on their hands and wanted that taste of home. There is no information about the owners online. That's something I wish would change but we all have our way of doing business.


On to the patties

The patties were great and I got a free coco bread sample( these two usually go together to make a sandwich). For the patties, I used the toaster oven to warm them up and that turned out great though a little burnt on the edges but the main thing is that it had that flaky crust.

The patty and cornbread has that authentic taste. The coco bread was buttered and had that thickness but softness to it. The patties, again the flaky crust was perfect and the meat was seasoned right. I only wish I could taste them fresh out of the oven.


My youngest and I shared 2 patties and a coco bread with my wife taking a bite here and there. The twins wouldn't touch it, I guess that's a good thing, more for me 😄. 1 more in the fridge for.... hmm, later.

In regards to price, it really was affordable in the grand scheme of things. Each beef patty cost ¥570, of which I ordered three. The shipping and handling was another ¥1,150. So in total, ¥2,860 or about $20.00 to have 3 patties refrigerator shipped to my door step. To me that is good value, and it is something I can treat myself to once in a while as the calories are high and it isn't exactly cheap.

Yup, I was late to the patty party as many Jamaicans here in Japan have been talking about it. What made me jump on it just now.. a website, a simple website I could use my Paypal money with.

Any Jamaican patties shops in your area?


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Lol, looking at these pies and knowing other things about Japan, I understand that this is a country where such a thing as "cost price" does not really matter.
I doubt that I would allow myself three pies for twenty bucks, the cost of which is about one dollar, but I understand the price of a forgotten taste when you want to remember the taste of childhood, the taste of your homeland. In our area, such pies are called chebureks. They are not cheap, especially on Odessa beaches, where vendors carry them in thermos bags and sell for one dollar each.
But, they are from the usual, wheat dough. It’s hard for me to imagine the taste of coconut dough, probably, it would be very expensive here. As for the corn dough, it goes well with sheep's cheese. Yes, it's a pity that I'm not in Japan, I see that there are a lot of incentives for a successful business, lol.

I doubt that I would allow myself three pies for twenty bucks,

Yes, and that is why it took me almost 2 years to try it out, after calculating the cost I knew it wasn't something I would do often.

chebureks, these are basically the same thing for sure just a little variation in the crust and seasoning I can imagine. For the patty the crust is made of flour, butter, turmeric, curry powder, salt and ice-cold water. But then there is the effort, the oven energy and the shipping. The thing with some business is the cost doing small amounts may be more expensive per unit than doing BIG batches.The perfect price point for these would be ¥300 ($2.14) but at that rate, it wouldn't even make sense for the makers of the patty unless they had a HUGE customer base.

I see that there are a lot of incentives for a successful business, lol.

Oh yes but it is difficult unless you go BIG

I bet those parties are all gone now right @dmilliz ?

Yo I could eat two a dem patty and a cocobread now bro. I wonder if ReggaeJahms will run some kinda summer contest and offer some patty and cocobread treats to the winner.

The only thing about that idea is it leaves anyone not in Japan

Yeah I know. Lol 😂

Great idea √

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Looks very yummy indeed 😜

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I simply love food, in fact any kind of food !LOL 🤣

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