Be Mi Owna Bank - New Music Creation

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The other day I got a beat from @mrfloridakeyz and the phrase "Bi Mi Owna Bank" ( Be my own bank ) instantly came into my head. I decided to work on the idea and build a chorus from the phrase and then a verse. Tonight/day I share with you what I have come up with so far. The song as it is titled, is about being your own bank, keeping your own keys, it also dives into defi a little and then promotes HIVE.

Though I know most people I share this song with outside of the cyrpto world will not get, it is a song that is true to me and what I beleive in. It seems I have a thing for the niche Crytpo Dancehall. Hey, we can only sing what we know about right?

Checkout my pctice vidoe. It is part of my song creation process, I record myself via video and then listen to how the song sounds before actually recording in the booth. It also gives me a chance to get feedback.

The Riddim Track is called Mirra Riddim and is prodcued by @mrfloridakeyz
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Very nice and through art/music we could bring crypto to the masses.
I especially liked the lyrics:

"...Earn Hive... Getta know about Hive... Betta get upon the Hive... Not all about earning yet; it's a lifestyle..."

Can't wait to hear the finished product.

 last month 

Cool nuh , some major hive marketing. Have to guh finish this song fast si the vibe don’t get lost.

Have to guh finish this song fast si the vibe don’t get lost.

Yeah, stay in the zone, when all the creativity is still flowing. How do you "write" your songs? Do you "spit" the lyrics first or are you one who writes them down first or both? I know some artists spit verses in moments and they do better recording those directly or writing them down directly.

Maybe you could write a post about it, if you have the time and if you want to give it away like that 😅.

 last month 

Y know I do both. With this verse I medz it as in just vibes it. But then I got home and writes it down and see what could be improved. Then the hive part I medz again. Hmmm so I guess I didn’t write it 😆

I could that 🤔 may make a nice 3speak vid.

I could that 🤔 may make a nice 3speak vid.

That would be a great idea! Looking forward to a post about it 👍.

Nice! Gangstah, mi Bredda 😉
The Hook is a Catch! Go for it.

 last month 

Respect bredda! Sometime the simple hook 🪝 work nice!

Star,the beat together with your flow, especially the hook is stupid nice!
I get this "Biggie" Feeling when you repeat the hook to the beat...
Man could scratch something from "Bitcoin Times" in it... 😉

 last month 

Biggie ! Haha thanks that is a big compliment. I'm gonna work on the other verses and done ✅ it. From there can see what's good., not a bass idea with the scratching , "Gyal dem a wine fi di bitcoin " part especially.

Yes mi boss mi si yu. Top Ranker turn Banker.

 last month 

"Top ranker turn banker" that sound like a a dancehall slogan. 😆

Lol. Unfortunately I wouldn’t know about that. I leave that for the experts like yourself.


 last month 

Respect ✊🏿

Awesome 👍

 last month 

Blessings bro!

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This is legendary, fire lyrics 🔥🔥🔥! This would definitely be the opening video at the first ever Alpha Crypto Boys School, should Jamaica ever pursue such a thing. Bless up!

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