#DashOutSunday inititiave - Sunday walk, lunch and ice cream

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Hello ReggaeJahm community, today I join after a long time to the initiative #DashOutSunday, and is that this past Sunday I went out with my mom, my mother-in-law and my wife to a mall in which we enjoyed a different meal, not homemade, It's always good to vary a little, you know . 😎

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To put them a little in context, my wife and I have been in Bogotá-Colombia for 4 years, when we left Venezuela, our native country, our mothers stayed there, but in December of last year, we brought them to spend some months with us.

That is why they are here, of course, in February they will return to Venezuela, since they have their lives there, their homes, their mother, that is, our grandmothers, who being elderly women depend a lot on them, so, they must return, but while they are here, we take the opportunity to share with them as much as we can, because after 4 years without seeing them is the least we can do.

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My mom and me / Image of my autorship / Edited in Canva

But, the important thing is that we had a good time, We went to a shopping center in the locality of Bosa centro, south of the city of Bogotá, and we ordered our respective dishes for dinner, in my case I ordered a hamburger, but my mom and my mother-in-law ordered a good grill, without a doubt it was a better choice theirs.

But, regardless of that, we were able to enjoy everything, in my case, I knew my mom wouldn't eat all that, so I'm always willing to help my mom, even when she doesn't want to eat anymore 😁 So I ate my burger and then, what she left, it's not good to throw away food, you can't lose it.

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My mom's food / Image of my autorship / Edited in Canva

Before lunch, we walked around the mall for a while, and of course we couldn't miss the pictures.


My wife and I.

And a good dessert to top it off, Yogurt ice cream, very tasty and light.


Eating ice cream, my mother-in-law, my wife, my mom, and me.

This is how I spent Sunday afternoon, on an outing with our mothers. I hope you enjoyed this outing as much as I did. Best regards.

Have a great week everyone.

Images of my authorship, captured with my Redmi Note 8 phone.


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Wow.... For years not seeing each other... Enjoy time with your mothers, as there's nothing like a mothers' (parents') love.

Hahahaa, I know others who order small dishes and help others with theirs: me 😅😂.

Yes, the time together has been enjoyed, it is necessary that it be so, because it is what remains in the memory and it is what enriches the spirit. Thank you for commenting.
I can tell that you are a helpful person, especially when it comes to helping people when they can't eat all the food ha ha ha ha.

I can tell that you are a helpful person, especially when it comes to helping people when they can't eat all the food ha ha ha ha.


I don't look it, but I can have my fair share of food. When I was younger it was another case, but now I don't like to waste (good) food.

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I can see you had a great afternoon. The foods look inviting. Ofcourse you have to help mom with her share. Lol! No wastage. 😃

That's right, the best thing to do was to support her so she wouldn't miss the meal ha ha ha.


 last year (edited)

we brought them to spend some months with us.

That is awesome! How hard was travelling in these times? I worry about that.

Glad to see everyone looking happy in the moment. Which one is your mom? I am guessing the one in the center with her thumbs up in the last picture?

I knew my mom wouldn't eat all that..

HAhah, you planned ahead to get the best of both worlds bro.

This is a blessed moment bro. Thanks for sharing.

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There were many trips in December, between Colombia and Venezuela there was a lot of flow of people, we are more than 5 million Venezuelans abroad, so many went to visit their families in the country.
Yes, my mom is the one in the photo with the thumbs up. 🙂

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Thank you a lot for support @jozef230