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Hello friends of the Reggaejahm community, I hope you all had a great Sunday, with family, doing something you enjoy, that's ideal. This time I will share with you a post in the framework of ReggaeJahm's #DashOutSunday. For those who don't know what it's all about I invite you to visit the post to get more details on how to share images of part of your life and that different thing you do on Sundays as a family.

As you might guess, in the community most, if not all, of the content being shared is related to reggae music, among other related musical styles.


Imagen of my autorshp / Edited in Power Point

This Sunday was a lockdown, since Friday, Saturday and Sunday here in Colombia there is quarantine, things are getting very bad again, and you have to take care of yourself, but no problem, you have to comply, health is everything.

Then I had time to prepare the typical dish of my country, which is called "Pabellon Criollo", composed of fried ripe plantain, marinated meat, rice and caraotas (black beans). This dish has its origins in colonial times, the colors of the colonizers, the mixture of aboriginal, white Spanish, black Africans, are represented there, but I will not bore you with history, do not worry.


Imagen of my autorshp / Edited in Power Point

And since the idea, beyond sharing part of what you may have eaten during your Sunday, is to share some music, here's a new release of Gyptian, a song that was released just two days ago.

For Dance Hall lovers:

Gyptian - Suh Di Ting Guh (Official Audio)

I say goodbye, have a great week.

Images captured with my REDMI NOT 8 phone.


I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.

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"Pabellon Criollo" it soumds cool trying tho say it hahah.
Interesting little history lesson on the food colours.

Hmm never really heard Gyptian like this. Usually love songs or conscious. Not a bad tune though!

Hi Broth, You can try saying it, Pabellón Criollo, is a good vocal exercise ha ha ha.
The history of many countries can be told from their gastronomy, I heard that a long time ago, and it's true. I'm sure you can tell a lot about Jamaica or Japan from their food culture.

Looking delicious. I ate the black beans in Curacao, where some Venezuelans have also settled. I quite enjoyed it the way it was made.

And I like reading about history, so don't worry about that.

I hope you liked those black beans, they are consumed a lot in Venezuela. Venezuelans are now all over the world, literally. Although I think there must not be many Venezuelans in Zurinam.

Yes, I even ate it for a second time when we had the chance again.
I know that there are Cubans here, a lot of Brazilians and also from other South American countries. I think also some Venezuelans, but wouldn't know the number. I'm also not sure if they want to stay here, or just want to use Suriname as a hub to move somewhere else.

Interesting history lesson on a plate of delicious 😋 food. Thankful for the input from each grouping. Variety is the spice of life.

Nothing like beans and rice, and we often add fried plantains to our meals as well. They call plantains "bakabana" here in Suriname. Big up yourself brother.

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