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Hello ReggaeJahm community, I hope you have, in advance, a great week ahead. I've been pretty homey these last few days, little have I been out, at least not more than to walk my dog in the mornings, because I know he enjoys it a lot, and actually so do I.

I'd like to share some of what I did yesterday with you all, within the framework of ReggaeJahm's #DashOutSunday😁


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Sundays for most people are not very active days, and in part it was like that, but a bit for several things I dedicate some time in the mornings, around noon, to walk Benji, my pet.


Walking with my pet

It's the first time I've had one, and I've done well, although I should say "we've done well. Dogs are special animals, so I must say that I have enjoyed having a pet.

At some point, after 6 months with him at home, I can say that you learn to understand what they want, and they somehow understand you too. So that daily walk is a way to get me out of the routine.

He's a Border Collie, a herding dog breed, so physical activity is crucial for them, they need to run, jump, and in environments like that, where the vegetation is abundant they feel the best. They are basically working dogs, simple as that. So it's not so easy for them to get tired, at least not so fast.

I'm still learning, every day something new. But it's been an enjoyable process.

But, the important point here, under ReggaeJahm's #DashOutSunday is the food, so let's get to it.


Image of my autorship

As you can see, I dedicated myself to making a great pizza for dinner, and it was our big feast in the evening. I like cooking, I like to eat, so does my wife, so one way to vary the menu is to prepare things that are not the usual.

I have a Chef friend, who some years ago gave me a recipe to make homemade pizza, it looks spectacular. And that's what we had this Sunday night.

That's how my day ended. Thank you so much for reading my post. GREETINGS.


Images captured with my Redmi Note 8 phone.


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What a cutie... What's his/her name? They'll keep you young and fit 👍.

Hi, his name is Benji.🙂🙂

A have a stuffed animal with that same name 😅😂 and the last dog I had that's still with my parents I named Doug 🙈.

Benji is a cool name. Indeed a shepherd dog. I saw one like him doing a sheep show here, they bought the dog from New Zealand and made Japan its home, she was so keen on gathering the sheep 🐑 you knew that is what it was born to do.

Home made pizza, it’s been a while. Hard to get that round shape though right? But the taste 👅

These dogs are very active. Additionally, they have their animal intelligence quite developed.
That round shape is quite difficult to achieve, but I wasn't looking for it anyway ha ha ha I knew I wouldn't get it so I focused on the taste.