Hold On...Out Now! Dmilliz, MFK & Luca1777

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Greetings Reggaejahm & Music Lovers!

Just in case you didn't know:
Dmilliz, MFK & myself, we got this new track
released, called Hold On.
It's kind of like a new style of HipHop & Caribbean
Trap flava, i call it "Tropical Trap".
@dmilliz brother, @mrfloridakeyz produced the beat, Milliz
started to write to it, i "picked it up" wrote another verse
to it & sampled/scratched Dmilliz and my voice for the hook.
@d-vine mastered my pre-mix of the instrumental & acapella
and voilà..:

Enjoy some Tropical Trap Beatzzz...and a revolutionary Message! What better place than Hive to spread this!?😉


Buy, download, stream & support on Bandcamp:


Stream on Spotify, Apple & Co.:


(Unsupported https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/051qeaehuUOGfzxQJvUNq4?utm_source=generator)


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I loved working with you! Thank you for your trust 🙏🤗🎶

Thank you @d-vine!
Soon come, i have new work 4 U 😉

Yay!! 👍

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