A Sweet Female Voice of Reggae, from Brazil MELO DE CARLA CINTIA

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Hello good evening friends, tonight I have the pleasure of sharing with the community one, a very Irie and original music, which comes from Brazil.

It is about the beautiful Carla Cintia, a Brazilian singer-songwriter who is dismaying social networks with her captivating voice.

Hola buenas noches amigos, la noche de hoy tengo el agrado de compartir con la comunidad una, una musica bastante Irie y original, que nos llega desde brasil.

se Trata de la hermosa Carla Cintia una cantaautora,Brasileña que esta consternando, las redes sociales con su voz cautivadora.

It is surprising how the music of Jamaica has been internalized in the Brazilian people.

Resulta, sorprendente como la musica de Jamaica se ha ido internalizando en el pueblo Brasilero.

Cintia's wide Musical Versatility has made her be a musical cover by the famous Brazilian singer, Claudia Leitte. as well as other artists of the stature of Lady Gaga.

La amplia Versatilidad Musical de Cintia le ha hecho ser cover musical, de la famosa cantante Brazileña, Claudia Leitte. asi de otros artistas de la talla de Lady Gaga.

Now if friends after knowing a little about this sensational artist, let's enjoy this enchanting music.

ahora si amigos despues de conocer un poco de esta sensacional artista disfrutemos de esta musica encantadora..

MELÔ DE CARLA CÍNTIA 2020 - Lady Gaga - Always Remember Us This Way - Mayron Remix

I love it, the voice color of this girl is very warm, a beautiful nuance, reggae is sung with the soul and this girl expresses many emotions through music ..

Me encanta, el color de voz de esta chica, es muy calido., un matiz hermoso, el reggae se canta con el alma y esta chica expresa muchas emociones a traves de la musica ..

Until a new opportunity, dear friends, God bless you, I hope you enjoy this melody, which invites us to joy and positivity,

Hasta una nueva oportunidad, queridos amigos Dios los bendiga espero disfruten de esta melodia, que nos invita a la alegria y positividad,
Música Reggae 2020 ⚡ O Melhor do Reggae Internacional ⚡ Reggae Remix 2020

All music source is from YouTube.
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She sounds as good as she looks!

Yes, a few days ago I heard her and her voice and I loved it, but I looked to see if I found more information about her and everything was in Portuguese and it was very little, I only know that it is from Brazil and it is in trend I am glad you like it ...

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