Jamaica, La Isla del Mejor Cafe del Mundo/Jamaica, The Island of the Best Coffee in the World ..

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On the majestic island of Jamaica is the Pico Blue Mountain or Pico Montaña Azul, comprising the highest mountain in the Caribbean country, being the cultivation area par excellence of Blue Mountain coffee. considered by many experts the best coffee bean in the world, and also one of the most expensive ..

En la majestuosa isla de Jamaica se encuentra el Pico Blue Mountain o Pico Montaña Azul comprende la montaña más alta del país caribeño siendo la zona de cultivo por excelencia del café Blue Mountain. considerado por muchos expertos el mejor grano de café del mundo, y también uno de los más costosos ..

This coffee is worthy of praise due to its pleasant and smooth slightly fruity flavor, with a little acid touch. and a low caffeine content ...

este cafe es digno de ser alabado debido a su agradable y suave sabor ligeramente afrutado, con un pequeño toque ácido. y un bajo contenido en cafeína...

It is said that the success of this coffee lies, in the favorable climatic conditions in which there are mild temperatures of about 22ºC, rich soil, abundant rain, cloudiness ...

se dice que el exito de este cafe radica, en la favorables condiciones climaticas en las que se da temperaturas suaves de unos 22ºC, suelo rico, lluvia abundante, nubosidad…

The packaging of this coffee is basically carried out in wooden barrels

El embasado de este cafe, basicamente se realiza en barriles de madera


I hope sometime I can enjoy this coffee since I am addicted and above all have the pleasure of tasting this Gourmet coffee whose selection is quite laborious, the option that remains is to request it online ...

Espero en alguna ocasion poder disfrutar de este cafe ya que soy adicta y sobre todo tener el gusto de degustar este cafe Gourmet cuya seleccion es bastante laboriosa la opcion que queda es solicitarlo en linea...

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I could go for a cup myself right about now! Blessings Mariluna!

Hello, friend I hope you are great, yes well most of this coffee is exported to Japan you must drink this coffee a lot, greetings with affection God bless you ..

Thanks to the Reggae Jahm community I got to learn of the existence of the Blue Mountain coffee beans, that I've yet to find and taste. Can't wait to get my hands on a cup hihi

Hello, greetings friend if it is a Gourmet coffee of Jamaican
origin I hope you can enjoy a cup blessings!