Barbequing for no Particular Reason || Family Time around the Grill || #DashOutSunday

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With all the lockdowns and social distancing it's been difficult for everyone to see each other as much as we used to. The same goes for me and my family. This is why nowadays we try to do as much things together as possible. It's also the reason why I suggested a random barbeque at my home to my parents.

With my mom and dad, my sister and her boyfriend and @tanjakolader, the party was on. Tanja's parents were on a trip outside of the city, so they couldn't make it this time unfortunately. But no worries, because there will be more activities to come.

A simple system of 'everyone brings or buys something' was applied, which had us barbequing chicken, beef and beef sausages, while also grilling some garlic bread and sweet corn. A few battered shrimps also appeared to the feast.


At first I grilled the chicken, which was marinated with the usual combination of garlic, onion, ginger, chili, sugar, chinese bbq sauce (char sui) and salt, and some dried oregano. Then the chicken franks and beef sausage.


The sweet corn followed after that. A few minutes on the grill splattered with butter do the trick for sure.


Then it was time to turn up the heat and do the beef. All was at least medium, but I put some medium rares aside for myself.


After all was said and done, the food was ready to be absorbed into our bodies. Neatly organized on the kitchen counter.


We filled the rest of the day with the usual banter about politics, what everyone had been up to and various this and thats of life.



This was part of the Dash Out Sunday culture in the ReggaeJAHM Community.

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 8 days ago 

I like the everyone bring something style. The style here is one person buys everything then split the cost, annoying ASF. The medium rare looks perfect, I don't understand how people eat rare knowing all the viruses and bacteria in meat. Nice family vibes bro! Makes me wanna get the grill out.

I know both styles here, depending on who you roll with and what kind of event. In some cases when everyone has to bring something, some people try to slack out of it and bring cups or something.

I do enjoy a good rare steak, but you definitely have to know where the meat comes from. Trusted butcher shop -> yes. Open meat market -> probably no.

 7 days ago 

Ture dat, everyone pays and one person buys, no one can cheat their way out...except the kids 😄

The only losers are the people that eat 1 piece of meat and are good for the day. 😂

Looking great bro. I’m loving the spread.

Thanks bro, a bit too much on the meaty side though. xD Luckily my sister thought of adding bread and corn to the mix.

Lol. Protein is good. Of course bread and corn and also great. I’m happy you got a chance to link up with family.

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