Reggaetón 🎶 The Evolution of this Musical Genre

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I still remember the first time I heard reggaetón music - even though it was around for a while, I heard it first when I was still in highschool - and I can remember the music blasting and pumping through the speakers. It was so energetic and loud and yet there was a rhythm to dance to. It was the song Gasolina from Daddy Yankee.


Reggaetón originated in Latin America (origins in Panama to be exact and it evolved in Puerto Rico) in the 1990's and is influenced by Caribbean styles like reggae and dancehall with a mixture of Latin music (bomba and plena) and hip hop. Reggae influenced the Panamanian musical scene; when Jamaican laborers came to help work on the Panama Canal; where local musicians were first translating Reggae songs into Spanish and this action evolved underground in Puerto Rico into the reggaetón beat, by also mixing in dancehall, hip hop and other Latin styles. This mixture of styles brought the unique Dem Bow beat to life, which is characterized by a driving drum-machine track and the sound of electronically synthesizers. Furthermore, are reggaetón lyrics similar to hip hop lyrics by reciting the songs in a rap-fashion and are the lyrics mostly open for interpretation, as the musicians insinuate sexual innuendo with the help of words with double meanings.


Just like with the song Gasolina by Daddy Yankee, which according to the artist himself refers to women who like to go out and party (hard) with the sentence "she likes gasolina" (A ella le gusta la gasolina) and not so much about the sexual connotation of engines and cars being compared to men and women having and enjoying intercourse.


The next song I want to feature is Contra La Pared by Sean Paul and J. Balvin. I won't go into detail about the meaning of this song, but I remember dancing to this song every time when in a club in Curaçao in 2019. Our hostess, who's an avid Latin music dancer (salsa, merengue, bachata, etc.), brought us to various dancing scenes where they mostly danced to the Latin styles. And while I appreciated the dance scene, I'm not much of a "ballroom" dancer because I'm not used to following someone else's beat and rhythm 😅, so I appreciated it when reggaetón and this song blasted through the speakers. I even had an unofficial "dance battle" with one of the Latin dance instructors.


Thirdly, I have to bring in a female musician into the mix and that's Natti Natasha with the song Criminal, that she collaborated with the famous Ozuna. The song is about how like a criminal one steals the heart and affection of another, with phrases like "Tu estilo, tu flow, baby muy criminal" (Your style, your flow, baby very criminal).

I hope you've enjoyed the selection I've made and am wondering if you also appreciate this genre as much as I do and if so, what are your favorite reggaetón tunes?

Chasse into the backstage! 💃


I have some pretty cool dance moves on this music after some !BEER

Hahaha you don't need alcohol to dance, but nice play of words 😂.


Well, I don't need it, but it does provide enhancement.

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Here in latín américa we listen reaggeton since 90s. A Lot of Friends metal listeners hate that sounds here but I like a Lot. So i'm part of two different worlds around here lol
Awesome post ;)

Hahaha yeah, I got introduced to it early 2000's. Also have a few metal heads for friends and when we're out together for the weekend, it's really important to have a set of "rules" like who's playlist is playing when 😂.

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Lol it's true. In My case i'm músician and i play a Lot of rock and listen a Lot of latín músic. And I play some reaggeton too. Fusión experiments with rock ir You wanna take a look let me know :p

Oh that sounds interesting. Yeah sure why not?

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Thanks a Lot ;)

Nice post, i still played "Gasolina" plus Remixes on Vinyl.
I've already been Reggaeton DJ in the famous "Catwalk" in Barcelona,
back then as DJ Luvsick...

Catwalk_DJ Luvsick_Reggaeton.jpg

"Criminal" is also part of my Itunes selection...nice track!
"Reggaeton Latino" by Don Omar is one of my favorites, and do
you know Tego Calderon? He's the most gangsta reggaeton rapper...😅
You gotta check Tegos tracks! 😉

Ah I didn't know the last two (Don Omar and Tego Calderon), but liking the vibes of Din Omar. I think that with Tego Caledron I should really look into the translations of his tracks, but will definitely look them up.

Thanks for the suggestions, so I get to broaden my musical taste 😅.


Check the "Lean back" Remix with Tego 😉

Ah yes, found it. Yeah that one is "tranga" (a banger) as we say in Sranang Tongo.

A "tranga" 4 real! 🤙 😀
Puuulll up!

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Nice I love the new age reggae daddy yankee was one of my faves though I really thought it wasn't reggae but latin dance/Hip-Hop I still like to listen to old reggae as well like bob marley and artists after him.

I wasn't sure myself about the history of this genre though, but I assumed before doing online research because of the "reggae" in both names.

Yeah man, Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Inner Circle, Third World, etc. are legends in my opinion.


They're the legends it's amazing how things have turned to these days with reggae still being great and a worldwide sound from jamaica latin america and africa etc

Yes, and even Asian fans of this genre. I've seen some post here in the ReggaeJahm community a few times.

I see it's great to see Reggae come out globally I never knew it would be so hot in Japan until I met Dmilliz and joined Reggaejahm

Kind of the same. Joining this community broadened my appreciation and knowledge of this genre. Of course I new reggae artists who broke out worldwide, but there are enough (small) musicians who make banging music and this is the place to get to know them more.

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Gasolina never gets old! When I used to DJ and you ready to vibes you the crowd ( especially when it was mainly Brazilians and Peruvians ) just play gasolina.
Nah lie, the reggaeton peeps doing their thing, the songs always smooth and catch filled with melody. It’s funny how one dancehall Riddim created an entire genre.

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I've especially been surprised about how it evolved into something different; you could almost use blockchain (Hive) as an analogy, with all those "branches" hihi


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I always associated this music with Puerto Rico, like you' mentioned, but I never realized it had roots in Panama. It makes sense though because of the Jamaican laborers building the Panama Canal. Funny story, the Panama hat was made for Jamaican laborers building the canal in Panama, but it is not actually Panamanian, these hats were made by Ecuadorians for use in Panama by Jamaicans.

Perhaps this is perfect proof that borders just shouldn't exist. Food, music, culture, everything gets better when we fraternize with those outside our own community.

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Oh those are very interesting facts...
I agree that borders are man made concepts to only divide, while if we exchange knowledge, culture, arts, etc. something magical comes out of that heritage.


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