Rediscovering the Power of Self-Care Amidst Busy Lives.

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I had a great day today; it was more like I had not done it before. Sometimes we are able to rest well, but we do not understand that our body needs it. We go extra length not resting and using our body beyond the normal. I haven't been able to rest for a long while like I did today, and the reason is that I get so busy that even when I try to sleep, I sometimes think I am wasting a lot of time, which is not right for my health because when I sleep, I also think about things I have not been able to acquire, and this sometimes makes me unable to sleep well.

I was out for an outing last night, and I was supposed to have slept earlier before I even left at night because it was going to be a long night, and I was going to be engaging in some activities. After all the stress I went through, I set out and embraced the journey to a musical concert. This concert was supposed to start by 10 p.m., but due to some issues that happened, we couldn't start, so I had to move around to the nearby restaurant near the event location.

The name of the place I went to is a Catholic Church student parish. Initially, from my own thoughts, I wouldn't have attended the concert because I am not used to Catholic ways of service and I find it rather hard to cope with. But when you have a leader who is directing you to do something, you have no choice but to do whatever he tells you to do.


When we got there, we went for a short rehearsal aside from the congregation, and no one knew that was what we were doing. We had several song renditions as a practice to prepare us for the main time when the event will take place. When the price section started, I was outside and listening to the musical production that was produced from within the auditorium.

After all the time we had spent there, we were called to do our ministry. We did our part, and we ensured that we carried everyone along as much as we could in the little time we were given. We danced and had fun after all. After all the time at the concert, I was able to say that the performance of the Catholic Brothers exceeded my imagination, and trust me, it was fun to listen to, and I was very excited with the way they sang melodiously.


After the end of the program, we were pleaded with to do some song collaborations with some of their choirs that understood what we were signing, but we had no choice but to do that, and it was very short. After we left, I came back home to have some rest, and lo and behold, I slept beyond my imagination. Normally, I was supposed to sleep for just 3 hours at most, but when I woke up, I found out that I had slept for more than 7 hours at a stretch. I marveled at this, and this certainly means that I stressed myself out where I went.

It's sometimes good to go out and see the world in different dimensions because we will be able to learn a lot from it. When we stick to a place and do not go out, there won't be any form of improvement to what we have got on our heads, and this leaves us with a doubt that we are better in the current state and position we are in.


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For sure it is good to go out and enjoy followed by a lengthy sleep 🙂
I know how it feels to stretch the day, data after day. To get little sleep. Done this for a large part of my life. Always felt a bit of a non-rested body, but my mind was on top of everything, as I usually felt it. But honestly, when sleeping more hours, enough for our body to be rested, our minds can handle more, and in my case, is also working faster. Not always, but most of the time. Our minds/brains need a certain amount of hours of off time so it can revive and restructure. Loose what it needs to lose and all that. Not my words, but those of the specialists. And in fact, I believe it works. Last few years I have tried to take enough rest each night (not always happened though) and feel my mind is on average doing things more quickly. Food may also have an impact. For instance, when I eat a lot of carbs, my body AND mind is darn slow the next day,

Hmm! This is so good, I love it. I will go with things you mentioned here cus it will really be of help too.. Life just throw alot at us and we just get bothered about it especially when we can't get our hands over them. But it's good you mentioned some helpful tips here. Thanks for these brother..


and you also