The Impact of Rehearsals on Musical Performances

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There has been this notion about music that the more rehearsals you do before any performance, the more beautiful your performance is when you want to present it. This has always been my thought over the years, but it was never easy for me to put into place in the choir. The reason is that I am not the choir coordinator, nor am I part of the choir exco, so it has always been very hard for me to make a suggestion like that.

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Recently, our assistant choir coordinator made mention of it and said we should have an instrumentalist rehearsal before any performance we will be doing. Either for the Sunday service or for any concert we would be going to. Immediately I heard this, I was so happy, and we all accepted this because it has always been what most of us wanted to happen.

After going to a program on Friday night, we decided to choose Saturday evening to meet and do the rehearsal. Although I got there a bit late because I went out, I had to rush down from where I went to join them there. On getting there, there had been some musical arrangements that had been made, but I was left with no choice but to make sure I blended into what they had learned within the little time I was not there.

Our assistance cord told me to grab everything that had been done after playing it to me about three times. At first, it was hard because I felt it was a long arrangement. But you know, one of the beauties of being a musician is that we learn to grab things easily.


Even if you are a dullard, you must be able to grab things in case of emergency when you need to play what you are hearing for the first time and the stuff is really needed in a performance. Your ability to grab and be able to improvise on what you have heard will determine whether you are a good musician or not.

After it was played the first time, I tried my best to grab a little. It was played the second and third time, and then I was able to grab it with fewer efforts. After I got a hold of it, I was able to play it repeatedly. Although I was still making a few mistakes, which is normal when you play something for the first time.


It was not too long before I perfected it, and then we played it countless times so that we could perfect it. After that, we moved on to other song arrangements and learned about three of them. Though some of them were things I have heard before, it has been a while since I heard them.

We all finished the rehearsal and went home for the main day, which was yesterday, a Sunday. We started on a lighter note and started playing most of what we had rehearsed. Most people were very surprised to hear what we were playing because they were expecting the usual things we do to songs, and now we added more beauty to everything, which made most people dance away their sorrow, and the atmosphere became so cool and everyone loved it.