The Transformative Power of Music and Bridging Understanding Among Neighbors

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I think there is always one thing with music, and to those that do not like it, music is a disturbance because they do not understand what it is. Sometimes, when I am at home and I am doing some rehearsal, especially when I have outings to go to, I rehearse more because I do not want to go out there and make blunders... When I am doing this, I sometimes see that my neighbors find it hard to adapt because they do not understand what I am doing or what I have to do.

Is it a crime to explain to them about what I am doing? I don't think so. Because I believe I can do whatever pleases me in my own apartment. Well, it's music, and I don't think it should be a disturbance to anyone. But if one is around those who do not understand the value of music, how can one cope?


Music is supposed to be something everyone loves because it heals the soul and gives great meaning to everything. Music is a way we express thoughts and feelings; this has always been the case. Time , take for instance, when we go for an occasion, we see that there is different music for different occasions which also has its own meaning.

Music played during burial ceremony is different from the ones played in an occasion where people are to do merriment. When these music are played, they meet the right place in our heart and also in our mind. There was a time I went for an event and you get to play music, our obligation is to play to satisfy them because they need to be entertained. This is why you can not go for an and see that there won't be music there because people won't feel the flow of what's going on..


Music alone is a symbol that show what event is going one and it lights up the atmosphere. Back to where I was, I had to go into a one-on-one discussion with my neighbors to know why they hated music so much and why they felt so harsh whenever they heard me play my music. But after our discussion, I figured out that they feel that way because they do not know anything about music, so I just have to make them understand something and also play music they will like..

No one can ever be annoyed with music because music is the best healing anyone can get from any form of issue one might be mends the heart and does so much. What we just have to do is have the passion for it and then we are good to go..