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Hello music love, it's been a while since I made a post on this community but today I'm here again and ie love to share the experience o had in my last vigil rehearsal.
I was so glad after the vigil and I really learnt alot also reminding myself of the things I kner on drums and lots more.

I started with the drums rehearsal, reminding myself of what I already knew long ago, I realized that after a very long time on drums I forgot somany things I knew and even the basics of drums but I'm so glad I had that rehearsal because it made me remember all those.

I also loved what one of our teacher played on the keyboard, he seems to be an expert on the keyboard doing great melody.

The rehearsals had different section, people for voice training where separated from people for instruments training.

I learnt alot from that rehearsal and hope to have it again and again.

Thanks for watching

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