Lofi Jazz Groove Backing Track | B Flat Minor 90 BPM

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I'm glad to share with you my new lofi jazz groove backing track!
Download: https://improvizbt.bandcamp.com/track/lofi-jazz-groove-backing-track

Lofi Jazzy Groove — its calm jam track with classic lofi warm vibe, mellow guitar, semi-electric drums, stylistic vinyl crackle and meditative atmosphere. All as you like! Try to jam with my lofi groove in B flat minor and create your perfect track for study or working :)

PS: on the cover image it's me) haha! I just support lofi beat atmosphere during work :)

Bbm7 Dbmaj7 Gbmaj7 Fm7
Bbm7 Dbmaj7 Ebmaj7 Fm7

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Отличный клауд! То что нужно! :)