Badass Rock backing track in D | My experiments with bass guitar

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Hey-yo friends!

I recorded this backing track using a bass guitar, octave effects, and overdrive. I only used two strings, but that didn't stop me from creating a powerful, driven, dirty, and vintage riff that pumps up this track. You'll find the chords in the middle of the video.

Here is my stuff how I made this sound on bass guitar:
Dr.Drive - vst plugin for overdrive
Loveend for bass harmonic
ReaPitch for octave
SHB-1 - Vst plug for bass amp emulation
All plugins are free :)

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BTW, on my channel, you'll discover a variety of unique and creative backing tracks and beats.

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wow! that level of mastery that allows you to freestyle with incomplete strings! that's magical!
I really felt the vibes when you played those second moves. quite electrifying!
Great work man!

tnx for your interest and support!)

Very cool👍