Minor Swing — Live Looping Guitar Cover

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Hello my dear Hive friends! Long time no see!) Hope you are ok, I'm also. Looking for success playing on the street and sometimes record music videos) Heh)

Here is my favorite composition was written by the king of gypsy guitar Django Reinhardt. When I listened to this tune the first time I understood that I want to play gypsy jazz. Django the main person who inspired me all these years...

Chords under which I play:
Am6 % Dm6 %
E7 % Am6 %
Dm6 % Am6 %
E7 % Am6 F7/E7

PS: for looping I use amp Boss Cube Street 2 and directly connect it with the audio card.

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¡Hola! Me alegra verte. Suena emocionante que estés buscando el éxito tocando en la calle y grabando videos musicales. Me encanta tu elección de la canción a interpretar y es maravilloso cuando una melodía nos inspira tanto y nos impulsa a seguir nuestros sueños. ¡Sigue disfrutando y dejándote llevar por la música!

Great performance!

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