Three Tune Tuesday - A tribute to the best song in the world !

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It that time of the week again - Three Tune Tuesday, a great weekly community event started by @ablaze !

Lately I've been watching a video and song that I've always absolutely loved, even though it is a bit of a spoof - Tenacious D - Tribute. A couple of key facts about this song:

  • Tenacious D is fronted by funny man Jack Black,
  • The song is a tribute to the greatest song in the world, allegedly !,
  • The chord sequence in parts, draws very heavily from Stairway to Heaven.

But in terms of comedy factor the lyrics and video are brilliant !

And considering that Tribute borrows heavily from Stairway to Heaven, then that had to be the next tune - but, did you ever hear the Dread Zeppelin version ?????

I could only find a still video - the only other ones were terrible live versions. Its a brilliant version of the song. A couple of cool facts about Dread Zeppelin, and this song:

  • Dread Zeppelin is fronted by an Elvis Impersonator called Tortelvis !
  • They play Zeppelin songs in a reggae-stylie !
  • Listen out for the cool xylophone solo played at the end by band member Fresh Cheese !

And then not at all related to the first two songs is a number by the 1975, called if you're too shy:

Its an absolutely cracking tune. It has the vibes of the 80s, but is a modern number. The video is a but quirky. And the lyrics are pretty crazy - I had listened to it a lot on Spotify not quite catching what the lyrics were saying, and then when I saw this video with the subtitles I was quite surprised ! A tad suggestive - great song musically though !

Well thats my three tunes for this week - hope you enjoy them

All credits, etc, to the relevant artists, publishers and musical labels, etc.


Wow, one of these songs is definitely not like the others. Laughed all the way through the first two, and such a great way to finish up! Cracking tune indeed!

Lol. The first two are pretty funny!

Isn't the lead singer of The 1975 dating Taylor Swift now? Lucky fella. Great selection of songs. I am a Zeppelin fan, so I am going to have to check out more of this cover band. I also dig Tenacious D. Great stuff!

I have know idea about dating Taylor Swift - thats beyond my sphere of expertise !!! Dread Zeppelin are great - its fantastic how they merge some of the Elvis songs with Zep songs ! Plus its funny too !

I will definitely have to check out more from them.

Ehh friend what a good selection!

i know that guy!!! He is an actor!!! I love his music!! I loved it!!! And couldn't get enough!!! Wow. I never knew he sings!!!

Wow, those were so diverse, but I liked all of them too. The 1975 are very unexpected, like a band from back in the day, more so than modern. That's one tall bass player they have!! Reggae style Stairway to Heaven, who knew!! It works well actually, nice one.