Vocal & Guitar Cover of This is your House by Don Moen

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It's a cool weather over here in Lagos, Nigeria. Its been raining for days, a type of weather people call "weather for two", or "weather for couples." Well, what do they expect single people like us to do during this weather? To go hug transformers?

Naaa, that's injustice!

But, in any case, we'll keep wearing our sweaters and keep sleeping under the duvet to get rid of the cold. In addition, hot tea and warm bathing water will also be our companions.

Okay, that's all. Away from cold, relationship and weather, let's go straight to the goal of today.

As part of my continuous effort and drive to get better at playing the guitar and singing at the same time, I'm here to present a Gospel song by Don Moen, titled "This is Your House."

This is Your House is a beautiful Christian worship song that invites God to make His presence known and abide in the hearts and home of His people. The song inspires confidence in God, and belief in His Omnipotence and ability to do all things. It also speaks about our willingness to offer our lives, our hearts and sacrifice our desires in order to align ourselves to God's will and plan in our lives. Thus, with this, we not only invite God to dwell in our midst and in our hearts, we also invite Him to guide and direct us as we live our lives. So that we will live our lives in a praiseworthy way.

I hope you enjoy this piece.


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Ksam is a "uniquely creative" Hive lover who combines his musical, writing, linguistic, video and audio editing skills to promote creativity and ideas in the Hive

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Hahaha bro it's really injustice for the single people like us :) we can do some fun in our single style.

It's also a pleasant weather at our place. Cool waves of air are relaxing the soul.

πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… #justice4singles πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
We need justice. Well, that's true! Every state and status has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as uniqueness.

Yea, it's close to summer, and I think summer is a very cool period for relaxation. Although over here, we don't experience summer; in fact, we have only 2 seasons, rainy and dry seasons. No snow πŸ˜… nothing nothing πŸ˜…

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