Mindful meditation that cover's the week

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Immediately is Monday I do not just kickstart my week, I articulate a plan for myself that I want to follow throughout the week.

I believed that each of the steps I took may determine how my whole week is going to be, so on every Monday, I must set a blueprint for me that is going to cover my whole week, although it is known that I may not be able to follow all the articles in the blueprint but facts remains that, if eighty percent of the outline tasks on the blueprint is follow up, a successful week of achievement was made.

Most days on Mondays, I skipped time to eat breakfast, because I am so committed to how I want my whole day's of the week to look like, I will eat lunch and dinner, that is, eating of breakfast in time of lunch and so would follow for dinner.

Everything we do has a prize to pay, if you are interested in getting something that thing you want must has another thing that it will stop you from doing because, nobody is two, people do something that is most preferable for them which they know is the main thing to do.

Once, I have found myself in a dimension where I have to choose between going to the bank to get an ATM card and on that day I was not having enough cash on me and the same me was very hungry, so it was I used the cash in my hand to eat and be alright or I go to the bank with an empty stomach to get an ATM card so that whenever I need cash I can used the card to make withdrawal and buy food stuffs.

Now, we all knows how stressful it is to get a particular thing done in the bank.

Thereafter, there was this day that I didn't thought of going for exercise and it was on Monday, so a friend came to me, he knocked on my door that early morning and asked that we go for exercise in the morning, I couldn't resist I have to followed him and we went for the road walk exercise together.

The fact is, exercise is good but it was not all a good thing that I go and exercise because it was the beginning of the day and I should be taken that time to meditate on how I want my whole week days to be then do the exercise in other days of the week, but because I joined the exercise at a wrong time it was affecting my whole week.

I came back and I was feeling so not arranged with myself because I was so weak and my mind was not stable anymore to follow up what I want to do.

Mediation is acceptable in the morning, especially on Monday morning, since it is the day that kickstart the beginning of the working days.

On every Monday morning I mediate on how I would kickstart my tasks for the week, so that I wouldn't missed on anything I should have done and what comes out second is to meditate on the kinds of foods I would eat so that to enable me to stay fit, an empty stomach can not get anything done.

Mediation to me is nothing than me keeping a blueprint of how I want to kickstart my weekly tasks. what about yours?

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